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  • mike_milfer mike_milfer Nov 15, 2012 1:15 PM Flag

    Everyone enjoying this "Obama Market"

    I have a different perspective, some would say it's conspiratorial... but many of us on this board play with numbers... I just have one question and one comment... how many of our projections or predictions come true? How is it that the DNC projected the exact numbers/percentage of demographics that would vote for obama? Please look into this... I would like to hire these guys to do all my predictions and projections! KISS principle applies... Occam's razor.

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    • Remember, this was the most expensive campaign in history, and let's hope is stays that way, that the cost of campaigns goes down from here on our. Anyway, both campaigns paid the price to know how people intended to vote, and where to campaign the hardest to get the votes that would get them the electoral votes. Kinda hate to see presidential elections reduced to that kind of science, but...

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