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  • stingerpain101 stingerpain101 Dec 28, 2012 10:30 AM Flag

    Saga of the looming R/S is killing the common.......

    GMXR needs to wake up before its to late and Kenny needs to look for work.There really is only this looming R/S hanging over this company. Disvolve this action with either paying some debt or sell more acreage, perhaps a good well annoucement,eliminate this management team or all of the above. It just seems to sit on their hands and do jack squat.And when it does split this will have a slow death spiral and not exist in 1 year. So wake the hell up ..............

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    • There is a lot of truth to what you state,unconditionally the one thing is this split. Had they not planned on annoucing this intention we would have been over a dollar on the last quarterly report.But surely they did not want the stock to go up so can bring the share count down then allow the shorts to tear the meat from this after the split. What a business plan to screw the common.