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  • joechentva joechentva Dec 28, 2012 1:37 PM Flag

    Booking frack crew for perf & plug completion in Bakken bowl

    It's close to year end tax selling, do it before 12 PM Monday.

    Now let me look at my favor penny energy stock.

    GMXR and others have abaondoned the newer weak but quick Sliding Sleeve completion in Bakken bowl. All the oilers want their wells completed by the slow but powerful (up to 400' effective stimulation zone) old perf & plug method. But it takes time, time & time to plug, perf, frack, plug & repeat, for up to 30 stages.

    Therefore, booking these in-hot demand crews is expensive and have to wait, especially near holiday time when many contractors lost crew members. Many field workers have been there since the very busy summer, their wallets are so full, they want to go home and spend it.

    I will not be surprised to know, if another two weeks delay due to the availability of frac crews to START the completion for Lange-2H. Hope I am wrong about this.

    Blackstone/GSO has got the major debts and very cheap commons, they are protected either way. Their best aim would be to make big gains on the cheap cost commons in short term, and juicy returns of the high % debt interest payments for years to come. For investing in a Jr oiler with high lease values and rich EUR, they don't expect any loss at all. After all, this is only a very small investment for them.

    The only BAD thing I can think of in 2013, is the shorts attack after the 13:1 RS on Jan 3, 2013. I hope GMXR have enough ammo to fight off that.

    Happy new year ( the world is still here after 12-21-2012) and cheers !!!!