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  • pocilujko pocilujko Mar 21, 2013 4:05 PM Flag

    Sold all my GMXr Common stock today

    Got tired being in the dark on what GMXR intends to do.
    Got tired of waiting for a return call.
    Got tired of Press Releases not telling the full facts.


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    • Smart move Ed not to go down with the ship. As I recall you sold your preferred awhile back near 15 which was a good move.

      I enjoy your posts and took profits on my 2015 notes awhile back after reading the terrible Dec production numbers you posted. By the way, Feb #'s you posted look terrible. I'm currently long GST which is now trading at 1.61 after bottoming out near 70 cents late last year on tax loss selling. I'm also long MILL which is a really good value at current prices. The MILL-PC preferred convertible is something income investors should look at. Both GST and MILL are much better operators than GMXR and balance sheets are in good shape there.

    • blair.wagner Mar 22, 2013 9:09 AM Flag

      Congrats on a smart move. Looked at the numbers and see no compelling reason to buy. Best hope for
      present owners would to be to find a buyer for the company.

    • Sorry for your frustration with idiotic mgmt.. I learned the hard way many times before (Enron et al) and saw this one coming.. The first shoe dropped when they stayed exposed to natgas way too long proving mgmt has no vision.. They then started the dilution process with limited cash and large growing debt and shrinking revenues.. It was obvious to me that the BK process had started.. Mgmt won't talk because they have nothing good to share..they do want to get sued..they only care for their jobs,not the shareholders.. Whoever gains control no doubt will dump these amoral SOB's.... I truly am sorry for your losses due to these crooks

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • you have always been one to post selective facts about a stock. You never post the dusters/dry holes. You pimped LEI stock and reported misleading info. Like "NEW PERMITS" on wells that were already drilled, ETC.

    • Why would they return your call? Do you think they call every peon that owns a few shares and think they are a big investor? Too bad you sold, you have never been a successful investor anyway. I feel better owning this if you are gone. I am already up.

    • Well Ed, you pumped this POS, called yourself an accounting God, flamed people as idiots, moron, stupid, failures and NOW you are tired. As I said before, you were pompous about your accounting prowess and you missed many facets of this company and other realities that have brought GMXR predictably to it's knees. What is sad is that many people mistook your reporting of data as a sign of expertise. Instead of being "tired", why not just Be truthful and admit you made a terribly wrong call. At least Steve Grogan admitted the realities of his investment, and I think that after that you didn't want him to post anymore. I guess he was no longer a member of the Kumbaya club. I am sure I will be flamed for slandering the GMXR guru Ed, but people have to realize that few investors are truly successful and very few of those post on Yahoo blog sites. Group think can be costly and the kool aid deadly.

    • Ed ... Thank you for taking the time & much personal effort to post such factual & explanatory information while invested with gmxr. I have always found that you and several other specific board members have a vast knowledge base of the Gmxr investment as well as it's real potential.
      Thankyou for that sharing & may your investment always be rich in both wealth & ever expanding knowledge.
      peace to you Ed-

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Ed
      Thanks for all your help time talent and all the ribing.

    • ed,

      all the information you brought to this board has been very helpful. thank you very much!


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I do think its worth it to get into the preferreds as they are trading at almost the same price as the commons with much less risk.

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