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  • candalena.novelties candalena.novelties May 4, 2013 1:08 PM Flag

    Land is key and has been from the start!

    Reverse stock split made room for GSO/Blackstone WHITE KNIGHT to have controlling say over management. (secure the land)
    White Knight ( invests) or loans few Million gets loan paid by common stock (they now own some land)
    By law, report only restructuring balance sheet. Hire Jefferies files Chapter 11 (secure the land)
    Complete Q1, 2013 capex on dwindling funds, suspend dividends, drive common and preferred to pink sheets, boom! rock bottom. (Time to buy some more land) White knight gets Dip loan $50 Million and more and more and more approved. Common stock $00.21 divided by $50,000,000 a pop is a lot of common and preferred stock ( secure that land baby)
    Drill 10 wells in 8 months on pads and prove that oil good like a White Knight should. Then pay that tiny little dividend on $00.42 a share preferred stock and Shazam!! ( reemerge from Chapter 11 by year end)
    White Knight will own a ton of stock with a management team of their choice on the ground floor. GMXR the company that has a ton of proven oil under foot waiting to be sold during the next ten years will pay the Knight two thirds the profit they once owned. ( Land is Key )

    Upside-- YOU AND ME the small investors will ride the wave back up on the commons and preferred as the Knight sells off thousands of shares here an there controlling their puts and stays. Funny when you own that much how easy it is to control. ....I'm just an idiot dreaming i had control. HOLDING PREFERED!!! Jess