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  • serieswins26 serieswins26 Jun 6, 2007 5:08 PM Flag

    3 questions

    To say that management lied on an SEC filing is a very strong and serious accusation which I would hope you can defend. Please supply your proof not just some unfounded opinion.

    Do you think that this bank purchases mortgages without knowing what they have purchased? Do you suppose that they buy these mortgages like some kid would buy a bag full of baseball cards and hope they didn't get too many crummy ones?

    I don't believe that's how they do business and if you do, then sir, I believe you are a baffoon. And if you do believe that then why are you a stockholder? Or are you just shorting this stock?

    Once again the statement says:

    "it is important to note we do not originate or purchase and our loan portfolio does not include any sub-prime loans"

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