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  • wintermutev04 wintermutev04 Nov 16, 2012 7:00 PM Flag

    Goldman Sachs added ~44million shares in Q3

    do you really want to bet against the mighty vampire squid?!

    makes them the #2 fund holder now at 57m behind KCSM at 63m, and by far the biggest change (buy or sell in Q3)

    (JPM also added about 10m; they had none before. pretty minor amounts for these guys tho)

    also worth noting

    while GS added 44m of MTG, they added only .65m of RDN (though they already had a larger position)

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    • paid you're confusing their q2 puts with their new longs
      tommie lol .... you're attacking straight factual numbers from a 13f that were, if anything, bullish on both MTG AND RDN? did paid hack your account?

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    • Every where you go you lie and misrepresent Wintermute.

      Why do you lie so much?

      I feel MGIC will continue to play a vital role in mortgage insurance market in 2013. My estimate reveal that they will write an average of $3 billion a month, and $36 billion annually.

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    • hey genius, do you know how to read a 13f, do you know what the PRN designation means, why don't you look it up and get back to me, but here is a hint, goldman doesn't own shares, they do own have over 1M puts, but then again, they are a market maker, of course they have some inventory, as for king street, they own a few shares, but not nearly as many as you think, this is amateur hour.

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    • actually other interesting notes

      Bluecrest sold all their RDN and bought about same amount in MTG (position in MTG before was small)

      Oaktree, AQR, Blackrock, and Guggenheim are fleeing all MIs in general lol

      MTG is still a ludicrous 16-18% of the King Street portfolioi

      $GS is now actually the #2 fund holding both MTG and RDN

      Hudson has almost $100m worth of RDN wow just about $30m of MTG they actually did the opposite sold about 17m MTG bought 18m RDN

      remember how Kyle Bass sold the rest of his MTG and bought ALU instead, and then as MTG went up about 50-100% from $1, his ALU lost anywhere between -10-30? Well, he sold off all his ALU lol he should have stayed with MTG

      just random Friday night 13F fun~~

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