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  • mctr_dangerfield mctr_dangerfield Jan 25, 2013 2:29 PM Flag

    Don't Be Short heading into the weekend...

    Pullback to the Bollinger midpoint is healthy; but unless you have ultimate risk capital invested here "short", as in can afford to see it all go away, I would not be short ahead of a surprise earnings announcement.

    I think the market share leader in this space, MGIC, will benefit huge at the knee of the curve (which is where we are).

    Fence sitting longs should accumulate on all pullbacks.


    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Sorry boss but market no move upon hopes MTG will going to face hard time as earning report is forecast to be bearish and the revenue to and it was expected to get lower to 2.5 if u have time u can read the analysis for motley fool this expect this stock to get lower within this year to Hit 1.5 any way market will show us what he want to show cheers man

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      • Here's the deal. I am not margin-ed. So Fidelity or Ameritrade or no one else for that matter can NOT make me sell my shares.

        Now, I do know, that when shorts are desperate enough to pay for news that just says sell because I said so, that, that is a STRONG BUY sign if ever I saw one.

        Spooking out weak hands, just means more woulda shoulda coulda folks sidelined for the next run.

        This is the segment leader. If you believe there is a recovery, then this company will benefit most. They will have the largest rebound just like they had the largest fall on the down side. Because they have the greatest exposure. We lost number 2, PMI in the collapse...We will ride long and strong number 1, MTG. RDN and GNW hanging at the fringes, will be ok too, but the lion will roar once again.

        Make no mistake, you short at your own peril.


        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • If the earnings were that good, we would not be flushed down the toilet like this. RDN positive and getting close to $7/pps and we are dropping and going toward $2.50/pps. Terrible.

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