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  • lemonyelow1 lemonyelow1 Jul 21, 2004 4:31 PM Flag

    Round to the "anti-" (Zoll mgt)

    The stick-up-for-'em sounded like every not-quite-bright-enough to do anything else HR-person (they're NOT ALL like that, but there still are plenty!) I've ever encountered.

    The responder landed 2 or 3 good blows.

    A positive P.R. release the day before what I expect will be "blood on the phone" is right up there with envelopes featuring "You may have won one million dollars" as honest & truly beneath contempt.

    I can't believe there are folks who made a choice to ride out this earnings cycle holding on to ZOLL after what they did earlier this year -- talk about "them what don't learn from history get to relive it!" ... Be sure to tell yourself when the selling starts that, "Well NOW it DEFINITELY is too late to sell; things are bound to turn around quickly."

    But do yourself an even bigger favor and tell someone you trust where you stand on ZOLL at this point -- maybe, s/he can save you from yourself tomorrow. Even if it trades down $5 from the present levels, take the best offer out there.

    (Maybe, you can even avoid the stampede to the exit -- ordinarily after-hours trading is dopey -- this might just be an exception; I'm not sure when the actual release comes out, and I don't know whether NASDAQ has anything like a "trading halt.")