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  • diggingforgold2003 diggingforgold2003 Mar 26, 2005 12:01 PM Flag

    What's going on?

    Stock price at 4-year low. Last quarter net loss. Previous quarter financials did not impress me. I don't see much news that indicates a turnaround any time soon. When is management going to get on the ball? What about the BOD? Aren't they supposed to act in the best interest of the shareholder? How much lower does the stock have to go before they do something?

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    • The M-Series is still the best product for the current market. Philips and Medtronic both have dead-end products that are not-upgradeable and work differently. When customers buy they buy on Ease and Standard upgradable products across the board. Zoll has "The only Universal System" out there.

      As far as pushing bright people out the door. Some people think success was all about themselves. That's a bunch of BS! AND success is subjective depending on Who your speaking of!

      PAD market late comers but clear leadership and vision--market is still way immature.

      Money lost last qtr. 1st time since 98'. Bought 2 or 3 companies in <12 months, people, facilities, operations, and still have cash on hand. Go ahead get out and Then Hide and Watch.

      The numbers speak for themselves >450,000 SCA arrests per year 92% 57 or older. Now how old are our Baby Boomers and How many are there. This is and will be the #1 Health Crisis in The World.

      Face it! Saving Lives It is not only an emotional issue---whether it is your Father, Mother, Wife, Grandparent---it is about a TAXPAYER my friend! The Federal Government is putting AED's and other devices in every Federal Building and Airplane! Why? Not because they like us! It is about death benefits and TAXES period!

      I will weather the storm because "You can't wish upon a Rainbow without trudging through the rain"

    • No...they don't. Here's why:
      1) Spent too much time and resources developing a PAD product that just doesn't have the margins or market. NOBODY who is in the PAD market is making any money.
      2) Should have developed the next generation of M-Series long ago. The current M-Series is what? 8 years old? Who sells the same product for 8 years and expects the sales to go up every year...forever?
      3)Forced out too many people who brought them the success they enjoyed. Technology and skill just walked out the door.
      4)Continued alienation of the current work force.
      5) Quality issues and lagging customer service continues.
      6) If they really know what they are doing than why is the stock dropping and why did they lose money last quarter??
      The results speak for themselves. Time to change captains. IMHO.

    • Its easy to find the bottom. The bottom is when Piper jay downgrades.

    • No actually we don't own any Zoll stock. Just waiting on the side lines. Once it gets to a reasonable price we'll buy. Based on fundementals the stock is trading above realistic levels. We don't have any incentive to promote or discredit the company.

    • Don't expect the management to do anything. They're the ones that created the current situation. It's up to the BOD. If there was a change at the top and they brought in an experienced and seasoned medical company individual, I'd buy Zoll stock. But until then it's SELL, SELL, SELL.

    • Penny for your thoughts.

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      • You didn't asked me but I couldn't resist.
        The current CEO was handed a terrific new product line, a sound diversification strategy, growing markets and competitors who were tripping over themselves. The first couple of years of his tenure were OK; anybody with a heartbeat (no p.i.) could have turned in an acceptable P&L. But mediocre MBA's are prone to becoming smug, leading to arrogance and now panic. The BOD seems lost.

        You be the judge:

        Five years, no share price growth no EPS growth only sales growth. Zoll is now a bigger, flatulent company. The founders and shareholders deseve better