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  • jbkoadog jbkoadog Nov 22, 2011 8:11 PM Flag

    Obama on TV promising Veto.....

    Dude get a clue. Bush and his cronies, screwed everything up and and you know it. It's going to take a long time to repair the damage if that's even possible. Turn off Fox News and learn the facts from the people who were there. Really , just try . There are some great books by intellegent and respected minds who might help you understand how we got in this mess. Before you blame Obama for all our problems open your eyes.

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    • The facts are
      Bo created more debt then any pres
      Bo has taken more money from wall st then any pres
      Bo has created more regulation on business then any pres
      Bo has sent more tax dollars to hamas then any pres
      Bo has killed more jobs in energy development and health care then any pres
      Bo has divided this country more then any pres
      just the facts

    • "jbkoadog"

      LOL, typical Libtard-logic. Heavy on opinion and emotion, while remaining completely void of substance or reasoning points.

      Liberalism is the enemy of critical thinking.

      I knew the "Useful Idiots" would rise one day...I just never dreamed in would happen in my lifetime.

    • It truly is not worth arguing with you hard core lefties, you’re so rabidly stupid. Send you donation to or send it to fund Michele, I hate America, on her permanent vacations. Even Oprah, his long term supporter says she's completely disillusioned and can't support him anymore. Your socialist experiments have miserably failed in Greece, Italy, France and Spain, and your efforts to do it here are almost over. Mid-term elections showed that the people have caught on and you lost the House. Prepare to lose the Presidency and Senate, your chance is over. Obummer!!!

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