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  • ggray1956 ggray1956 Apr 29, 2013 11:05 AM Flag

    Is the VIX a FIX?

    My God, with all the problems we currently face, like 16.8 trillion in debt, slowing company earnings reports, unemployment, Afghanistan War, Iran instability, North Korea missile testing, China economy slowing, European Crisis, Taxing issues affecting most citizens free cash flow, FED printing way too much money that will weaken the U. S. dollar in the long run, unacceptable ADP numbers, and a terrible GDP number out last Friday and still the VIX is like they're is not a care in the World. Either volatility means something different to me or it is fixed. I have never seen so much extreme unethical maneuvering and outright fraudulent behavior in my entire life. The funny money investment debacle of 2008-2009 should have taught us a lesson, yet nothing much has changed . The risky investments have not stopped, and if we do nothing to correct the issue we will pay a very heavy price. The next snafu could though us into a full-fledged depression.

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    • If that's what you think, why are you buying this derivative garbage that basically adds shorted shares to the market? I can hope you lose every penny but probably it will be honest working folk and longs who will suffer.

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      • They do not buy any shares at all, what I hear. I wish that's all that was wrong with these inverse ETN's. It goes way past that. Why are you over here? R U buying this junk and how do you know I am? If the market would work the way it should these (as you call it blind short garbage shares) SPXU should be making a fortune. I think Ben is going to bankrupt this country. This will eventally cause a crash, at which we may not recover from. It all depends on what China does...

    • Nobody seems to care because the bank vaults are wide open with money flowing straight into the market.

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