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  • big.willa big.willa Mar 27, 2008 9:48 AM Flag

    Fox News Liars at it again

    i think its even worse thant that, we are bleeding our young literally and figuratively: whose going to pay for all these old boomers social security? nothing like telling a 20 something, thanks for going to iraq and getting shot at, now go work so we can take it and pay some old rich bastrd his social security benefits. does not bode well, and no, its not me, i'm almost 40, i'm sort of in the middle, i just feel sorry for those 20 yrs younger than me.

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    • My idea to save Social Security is to drop the current rate of 7% to about 4% but then have it as unlimited in income. Right now, those that make over $90,000 or there about, stop contributing. Bill Orally stops contributing in the first week of February. The REAL problem is Medicare costs.

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      • If you count on SS to pay more than your cost of cigarettes, you are making a big mistake. If you think your SS payments are being kept for you in some safe place, you are making another mistake; those payments are used for general operations (or whatever) as soon as they roll in; all you have is a promise to pay you something which comes from the dwindling input – a government Ponzi scheme. If you are smart, you will forget about getting anything from SS and put your after tax money (no matter how small) into some fine company that provides perfectly legal products and pays a nice divident; like MO.

        Better yet; just figure out some way not to get old and not to get sick.

        Go Green!!!! ..... burn used chicken fat and buy fluorescent light bulbs .... we can do it!!!

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