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  • cpwrguy_99 cpwrguy_99 Sep 4, 2009 12:50 PM Flag

    Only .3% and O'bambi breaks 25 year unemployment

    ------------------------------------------------------record. Good job on keeping the unemployment rate at 8% unless the porkulus passed as you BS'd the public in a statement in January, and the real unemployment of all those looking for a job rate is now at 16.9%, only a few more points and O'bambi will be at depression levels.

    Oh for the good old years of the Bush economic expansion, unemployment at 4.7% average and wealth everywhere, instead we have the o'bambi depression, and it is going to get worse according to the idiots own Czars..

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    • If you think economic trends start and stop with a particular administration, your brains three remaining brain cells just jumped ship.

      The current bubble started with Frank Dodd and Clinton taking financial qualification for a home loan out of the equation, allowing commericial banks to bundle that crappy paper and defrauding the rest of the world by selling it overseas, and the rest of the world giving us the finger by dumping dollars and buying silver and gold, just like it says in OUR OWN Consititution we've ignored for too long.

      CEO's making 350 TIMES the salary of average workers is the shame of the Western world, and you feed the dogs eating your own ass, dumber than Bush for crissakes, if such a thing is possible...

      Oblamma is no godsend, but you're drivel is just that.

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      • I agree with you that this problem started with the ease of mortgage applicants to obtain mortgages that they were unquallified for, fostered by the dems. O'bambi's error
        was and is, in pushing thru the stimulus package, just to pay back the UAW, SEIU, ACORN, WEAC and all of the other
        groups that supported him. And now he is attempting to do the same with health care. His lack of any business or financial acumen is what is crushing the employment rolls.
        All he has ever done is set at the public trough, never really worked a day in his life, nor met a payroll.

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