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  • cpwrguy_99 cpwrguy_99 Sep 14, 2009 3:58 PM Flag

    Dems in hot water according to leading pollsters

    Democrats are in hot water, according to political analysts quoted in Monday's Politico.

    According to two key observers, Charlie Cook and's Nate Silver, Democrats are poised to lose "double-digit" seats in the House amid an increasingly bitter political climate.

    Silver apparently stunned a liberal audience at the blogger convention Netroots Nation earlier this month, saying that the Republicans have a 25 to 33 percent chance of retaking the House. For both observers, such a happenstance seems unlikely, though first- and second-term Democrats appear particularly vulnerable.
    And then there is pilo and lo-down, black, bitter uninformed hate filled, stupid, and a little nutz.

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    • did I upset you by calling you an a$$clown?
      No I actually find your attempts to prove others as
      racist as humorous, since you are so obviously racist.

    • or maybe he is a lying partisan because he is a BLACK POLITICIAN FROM CHICAGO WHO WAS BORN IN KENYA
      You believe that the idiot was born in Kenya? My My.

      What will your mommy say?

    • Why can't we bailout bankers with 1 TRILLION dollars that don't lend to the guy on the street, it's not like Main St has any clout at all.

      Why aren't we subsidizing insurance co's for profit by helping them deny care to the coverered so their raises are higher? It's people's fault, god is punishing them for making them sick, why should insurance co's pay just because that is their business?

      Why should the 18-45 crowd voluntarily uninsured have to pay into the insurance system? Shouldn't they be gambling with the illegals that emergency room care is going to be granted elbowing aside the actually insured?

      Plus, why am I going to church on Sunday, if I can't get my conscience cleansed of all my injustices to fellow man, and gather the strength to screw people Monday to Saturday? Isn't that what religion is for?

      I just don't understand why the world doesn't trust us, just because we sell them bogus paper securitized by overblown real estate and they lend it to us so we can buy their goods unabaited?

      I just don't understand what is wrong with all of this AMEN!

    • ..And you have Democrat Jon Corzine, former Wall St darling, running double digits behind the Republican challenger. NJ turning red folks.

      Just a start of a major tidal wave that can't be stopped.

      And I can't wait.

      Democrats - Taxes are their middle name.

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