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  • ebitdamattersmore ebitdamattersmore Nov 28, 2009 9:09 AM Flag

    al gore claims earths core temperature is

    "millions of degrees", so that must be causing global warming because it used to be estimated @6000 degrees c
    he also wants to dig down two kilometers to warm a home, the debate is over

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    • Retard: <<>>in most of the physics grad school courses I took, students were allowed to bring any textbooks they want into the test,<<

      very true

      I had an organic chem final where that was allowed
      the test still was a M'fcker>>

      Idiot, the reason it was hard for you was because it was a reasoning test. I remember Organic well, the pre-meds would try to memorize everything. They use to ask me after the test "where did you see that reaction?, I don't recall it in the class notes". What they (and you apparently) didn't understand is that in order to do synthesis from sub-components, or to solve random reactions, what you need to know is the reaction mechanisms and energy requirements. If you know these things, you can figure out the rest.

      The book won't tell you how to solve problems explicitly. It will only allow you to look up reaction mechanisms (instead of trying to memorize them).

    • Gore got the earth core temp. confused with his anal temp.

    • Other ALGORE claims... Tipper & he were the inspiration for "Love Story", The Internet was his Idea, He won the 2000 election. He couldn't even carry his home state of Tennessee. People who knew him best wouldn't even vote for him. What does that tell you? One last point, during the campaign it was revealed that his charitable contributions for the previous tax year amounted to $600. The silver spooned millionaire really cares doesn't he? His followers are delusional and just plain ignorant.

      • 1 Reply to artar57
      • <<but you thought that global warming is supposedly caused by heat from the Earth's core.>>

        vermin ,if you take my "tongue in cheek" comment making fun of fat ass gore then you are devoid of humor or common sense making you a perfect progressive.Of course your statement that the facts don't matter it's the concept had me on the floor laughing,
        here's a few more doctrines of liberalism
        <<<it's not the results of the program it's the intent>>>
        <<<it's not the proof that matters it's the seriousness of the charges>>>

    • Oh, c'mon. Al just divided the earth's core into millions of parts...kind of like a pie. Then he took the temperature of each piece of the core and added the core temperatures of all the parts together....thus, you get millions of degrees. Al Gore is never wrong.

    • How dare you criticize St. Algore! He is a "visionary" and AGW expert!

      You take that back!


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