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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Jan 22, 2010 6:25 AM Flag

    Why Obama is great for america

    I blowhard facts, you engage in namecalling full of sh!t blather has less meaning than the
    sh!tstained paper swirling in my crapper. I state facts, you call names. I served in the military and have the scars to show for it, and first hand experience with seven terrorist episodes some close enough I can still smell the cordite. Try a little hand to hand sometime and it will wake you up to what you are doing to kids who go to war, compounded by the lack of necessity for going there in the first place.

    You didn't challenge a single fact as I have stated it.

    That's the problem, there ARE better countries out there, and we used to lead, not bomb camel jockeys out of existence to steal their oil, or borrow and spend instead of providing the revenue. That's the stated purpose of being in Iraq, so they'll be "grateful" and give us reparations for expending ourselves in that country. That's right it's a war of liberation, of Iraqi oil.

    Even an ultimate fighting bout has rules a ring and a ref, or the protagonists kill each other, an underpinning of decency isn't good enough.

    Enjoy your police state, your only freedom, choosing paper or plastic.
    You idiots are busy whining into an empty sky, your egos can't handle the truth that there is nothing but chance for our lives on earth, and should be grateful for it and helping each other.

    America's idea of a hard choice is paper or plastic, your rights as granted in the Constutition blown away by indifference and "security" manufactured to control your stupid ass.

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