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  • mbnacredit mbnacredit Apr 5, 2010 7:45 AM Flag

    More Florida lawsuits are coming in April


    Best of luck with drug killer!!!

    This topic is deleted.
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    • I don't think the gov't cares about the tax revenues so bankruptcy is always a possibility (that's why MO trades at a huge discount to the market). But the "tobacco wars" have always been a secret "game" between the parties involved and we outsiders will never know (if you ever found out they would have to kill you).

      Suffice to say that barring an Illinois Price case scenario, (read below for an interesting aside) the worst case "doomsday" will be a few years away. Appeals take forever.

      The aside part...Price case...from what I have read, the original lead plaintiff was Miles and was interviewed on camera on the court house steps (Madison County Illinois) during the trial, smoking a Marlboro light and actually told the camera that she smoked them because she liked the taste, not that she thought they were better for her...from what I read, lead counsel (Tillery) went ape-s**t, hence "Miles" became "Price".

    • <the govt would not allow MO to file for bankruptcy .. think about all of the tax revenue they would lose ... >>

      No matter how many times you explain to a rodent that the government spends more money on healthcare etc for smokers, the rodent just returns to the tax money BS.

      How much does a pack of cigarettes cost? Suppose ALL the cost went to taxes. That would be chickensh*t compared to income taxes, etc.

    • the govt would not allow MO to file for bankruptcy .. think about all of the tax revenue they would lose ... this would result in lower handouts to the 'lazy, dont want to work' class ...

    • kbjb Apr 5, 2010 7:05 PM Flag

      Is this because of the large Jewish population we have in FL? Just sayin.

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      • forget ethnic stuff (no comment on that other than to say I don't think many people of the jewish faith smoke, but on the other hand Florida does have its fair share of trial lawyers including Stanley and Susan Rosenblatt that started all this too many years ago only to see the class action dismissed and had to settle for a $218 million fee award).

        Florida is somewhat unique. Prior to Disney's arrival, it was pretty much an un-inhabited swamp other than the south east coast (for the trolls just google it and prove me wrong). As such they are a relative newby in terms of judicial precedence.

    • yup! several!

      all based on faulty law handed down by the Florida Supreme Court that I think will be ultimately over-turned by the US Supreme Court. If it isn't, then ultimate damages to MO will be a few years down the road.

    • never forget it is by choice people smoke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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