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  • pilodialcyst pilodialcyst Feb 26, 2012 8:17 AM Flag

    Obama:Wins Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, and Florida

    Wake up droolers! The Klown Kollege and the Tea-Gaggers have inflicted much damage on states and the unintended consequences of their austerity is a clear Obama win and the House and Senate becoming Democratic.

    The forceful budget action taken last year by Republican governors in Ohio, Wisconsin and Florida, including severe spending cuts and moves to curtail the collective bargaining rights of public employees, have left them deeply unpopular as the economy has improved.

    This may make it more difficult for the GOP to win these states than it appeared just a few months ago, as polls find growing numbers of Americans who believe the economy has begun to recover.

    Now, wipe your snout BeachChair, I just rubbed it in your own excrement.... again.

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    • <Who is "Chester"? And who is "Chewie"?>

      chester is derived from an old WB cartoon where an annoying little yip-yip terrier constantly expresses his adoration for Spike, a supposedly tough dog but in reality a whimp. chewie is an alias created just a week or so ago after her prevous alias was apparently revoked by yahada (I think at the request of somebody named barry). We'll use Chester since chewie seems to have been abandoned after a very limited run (wonder if that one was revoked also?...if so I guess yahada is watching chester closely). Anyway, chester is a token vp in the investor relations department for some secret company, placed there solely for the Company to show they are politically correct. Chester's phone never rings which is good because she is too busy posting here to answer it.

      <Should I put them on Ignore?>

      I don't believe chester has ever been used as an alias. go ahead and ignore chewie but be prepared to ignore the next alias created. chester creates several either because yahada revokes them or it becomes apparent that everybody has her on ignore.

      hope this answers your questions.

    • you give up on the chewie alias already?


      I'm sorry, I'm a newbie here. Who is "Chester"? And who is "Chewie"?

      Should I put them on Ignore?

    • hi give up on the chewie alias already?

    • tmohar Feb 26, 2012 7:08 PM Flag

      Pilos wishfull thinking! Pres. Obama has a very poor track record on energy. His bumbling of our oil intrests in the gulf are legendery. The pipeline another stupid move. Anwar,N.Dakota, the middle class will be paying for his energy tax. He is so clueless that pilo could even do his job. He loses for sure in Wisconsin.

      • 2 Replies to tmohar
      • <<<<<<<Pilos wishfull thinking! Pres. Obama has a very poor track record on energy. His bumbling of our oil intrests in the gulf are legendery. >>>>>>>>>>

        Were you home schooled?

        Listening to hate radio does not guarantee a GED.

        Under my President we have started more drilling in more places in the US than Bush I, Clinton, and Bush The Lesser. Because of the President and his administration, we are now a net exporter of oil. Our gas consumption is down, down, down, to 1997 levels.

        But most importantly, the administration has granted 20 permits for nuclear energy plant construction.

      • <He is so clueless that pilo could even do his job>

        He is clueless but not that clueless.

    • It is obvious that u are another welfare leach on society with nothing better to do (like looking for a job) then to ruin this message board with your liberal rantings. Liberals are killing America, so kiss of u leach.

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