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  • pilodialcyst pilodialcyst Mar 5, 2012 3:52 PM Flag

    No one listens to Don Imus... he's on Fox Business...

    ... and no one watches that trash. However, Imus, looking rather cadaverous, beat up on ole Rushbo.

    Fox Business host Don Imus harshly criticized Rush Limbaugh on Monday for issuing what he called a "lame apology" after his "vile, personal attack" on Georgetown University law student, Sandra Fluke.

    Fluke, who was denied the right to testify at a controversial Republican hearing on contraception earlier this month, was the subject of multiple incendiary statements made by Limbaugh.

    After first calling her a "slut" and "prostitute" on Wednesday of last week, Limbaugh repeatedly doubled down on his comments and issued more attacks on Fluke on Thursday and Friday.

    Limbaugh's comments sparked outrage among many, including seven advertisers who have since pulled their content from his radio program.

    President Barack Obama personally called Fluke after hearing Limbaugh attack the student for the third consecutive day, condemning the talk radio host's comments.

    Sunday talking heads and members of the Democratic and Republican parties have come out to defend Fluke and blast Limbaugh.

    On Monday, conservative host Don Imus piled on. Speaking on his Fox Business show, Imus attacked Limbaugh, whom he referred to as an "insincere pig" and "pill-popping pinhead," for his "sustained, personal attack" on Fluke.

    Too bad only 6 people watched Imus rise from the dead, looking like a zombie, and CRUSH Limbabble.

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