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  • todlondon todlondon Sep 15, 2012 5:45 PM Flag

    The final solution

    Because forests, oceans, croplands, and water supplies are all being depleted by the number of people we have now, a grim logic appears irrefutable: As we add people, either everyone will get poorer on average, or the poor will get much poorer. Or the population will be adjusted in the usual way: with shortages, bullets, and bombs.

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    • The leader of the 3rd reich came up with the final solution, but folks became irritated.

      Obama is going to persecute/prosecute the film-maker who #$%$ off the muslims. No longer allowed to offend anyone except Christians and married white men.

    • Are you suggesting there are too many people?

      Not arguing either way, just want to confirm your meaning.

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      • "If I were reincarnated, I would wish to be returned to Earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels" -Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh

        World population is, by all intents and purposes, completely out of control.

        Plans are underway now, implemented by the New World Order Elite, to depopulate the planet's 6-7 billion people to a manageable level of between 500 million and 2 billion.

        There are many means and methods of depopulation that are being employed today, the 3 primary of which include; unsustainable/exploitative international development, which leads to massive hunger, starvation and famine worldwide (at least 40 million deaths annually), the fomentation of war, hatred and military procurements throughout the nations leading to millions of deaths worldwide, and finially, the creation and spread of infectious diseases leading to global pandemic, plague and pestilence on an unprecedented scale.

        Other methods used include; the build-up and use of nuclear, chemical and biological agents, weapons and warfare, the poisoning and contamination of the planet's food and water supplies, the introduction and use of deadly pharmacuetical drugs in society, weather modification and the triggering of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis through electromagnetic psychotronic weapons both on Earth and in space, the promotion of homosexuality to limit population growth and spread the deadly AIDS virus, forced sterilization in countries such as China, forced vaccinations, abortion, euthanasia etc...

        Death, and the management of who lives and who dies, has become the central organizing principle OF THE 21ST CENTURY

    • Malthus thought the same thing a century and a half ago. He was wrong, the Club of Rome was wrong and you are wrong. The mindwipe who otherwise replied to you is wrong too. Get a job, build a life.

    • Or the population will be adjusted in the usual way: with shortages, bullets, and bombs.


      I think you are at the end of the process. Global warming is starting to kill people in poor regions. Those deaths are going to increase, perhaps exponentially, in the third world. The DoD already is planning for wars and massive population shifts, so much so that we have never seen in recent history.

      The WWII model that the DoD worships is already outdated. A massive change is occurring in our military and how to address the problems that are coming

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