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  • btdt100 btdt100 Nov 28, 2012 8:50 PM Flag

    When will the war start?

    A blockade is an act of war.

    A no fly zone is an act of war.

    Hiring mercenaries to attack another country is an act of war.

    It has already started.

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    • who are crackeressess? I want to make acquaintance.

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      • who are crackeressess? I want to make acquaintance.

        Crackers is a derogatory racist term used by jews from New York City and vicinity against white Christians from the southern states in the US.

      • Veterans Today -


        Unless no one noticed, there was no footage of intercepts of rockets from Gaza into Israel. If one were to examine the trajectory of the majority of rockets fired, intercepts would have been well within camera range and Israel’s claims of 655 intercepts, not one was filmed.

        There was only stock footage released on the supposed “Iron Dome” missile system which we now learn may not be operating for three or more years.

        In an interview with a top US defense official and long time friend of Bibi Netanyahu, I was told the Rafael “Tamir” system is barely as sophisticated as the rockets Palestinians had been making in their basements and unlikely to have been able to intercept more than a very small percentage of incoming projectiles.

        Now, private sources, private but “knowlegable,” place “Tamir intercepts” at between 12 and 17% and those are only of smaller short range rockets.

        The long range rockets that hit and overshot both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem were intercepted more successfully. Why?

        American crews, 1500 American military technicians who remained in Israel after recent exercises, operated advanced Patriot III systems.

        Those hypersonic interceptors costing over $3 million each, fired two at a time at each $1500 Fajr 5. That, along with the cost of the crews put a price on defending Israel’s air incursions into Gaza, a conflict begun based on an Israeli political assassination using an American F-16 and 2000 pound bomb, at over $100,000,000.

        It also put 1500 American troops into a combat role against civilians in Gaza. Defending a side with overwhelming military advantage is not an honorable role for the US military and may well be full complicity in war crimes that the Palestinian State will, finally, be able to bring to the ICC.

        The photo below is nose cone for a Fajr 5 missile. This is in a residential area in Tel Aviv.

      • who are crackeressess? I want to make acquaintance

        Go to Urban Dictionary and type in "Crackeress." That will tell you all you need to know.

    • "A blockade is an act of war."

      Now Crackeress tell us that, if there were no blockades, people would not die.

      "A no fly zone is an act of war. "

      Now Crackeress tell us that, if there were no no-fly zones, people would not die.

      "Hiring mercenaries to attack another country is an act of war. "

      Now Crackeress tell us that, if there were no mercenaries, people would not die.

      What a Donmeh!

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      • I have never seen so few people know so much about everything. Most of it is endless ramblings about stuff you couldn't know unless you were in the cia. The racisim here is sickening. None of you could have a job, nobody could put up with any of your rants. How do you get to your point in life where you know everything there is to know about everything and all you can do with it is post crap on the internet on a stock chat forum?? Fools.

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