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  • todlondon todlondon Dec 8, 2012 8:48 PM Flag

    When will human population reach the tipping point

    The Bilderberg group has stated that the human world population needs to decrease to 500 million people. We are currently at 7 billion. Decreasing to this level would put the earth back in biological balance and save it from ecological disaster. Mother nature however has a way of doing this through starvation as resources vanish and starvation occurs through famine. Global Climate change might be the start as world deserts are expanding at a faster rate then ever seen with crop failures and food shortages now forecast. Sea rising will also drive populations further inland further destroying fertile soil
    and casing starvation and death. Violent weather will become worse as the normal cyclonic currents of the oceans get disrupted by cold water melt from the North shutting down this vital flow.

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