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    There's not much reason to argue with a crazy person, is there? On that point alone we can agree, right btdt100? I'll not continue to argue with a history revisionist when there has been ample testimony given by survivors of the camps and evidence witnessed by those who conquered the Third Reich nearly 70 years ago. To the ignore patch you go!

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    • this is her son, mary is a racist against jews and she has nothing but delusional reasons as to why. she has no friends and wastes her life ranting on the internet about the jews.. she ignores all the things going on with her kids and grandchildren lives because spreading the hate against the jews is more important than her family. she is mentally ill and has been so for a long time, she drinks heavily and blames everything on the jews. her own kids are a ashamed of her.

    • Merry Christmas Greedy. Be careful of believing rather than knowing, and be careful who you pray to.

      From the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum - Bergen Belsen
      (you can find online)

      "At the end of July 1944 there were around 7,300 prisoners interned in the Bergen-Belsen camp complex. At the beginning of December 1944, this number had increased to around 15,000, and in February 1945 the number of prisoners was 22,000. As prisoners evacuated from the east continued to arrive, the camp population soared to over 60,000 by April 15, 1945. From late 1944, food rations throughout Bergen-Belsen continued to shrink. By early 1945, prisoners would sometimes go without food for days; fresh water was also in short supply.

      Sanitation was incredibly inadequate, with few latrines and water faucets for the tens of thousands of prisoners interned in Bergen-Belsen at this time. Overcrowding, poor sanitary conditions, and the lack of adequate food, water, and shelter led to an outbreak of diseases such as typhus, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, and dysentery, causing an ever increasing number of deaths. In the first few months of 1945, tens of thousands of prisoners died.

      On April 15, 1945, British forces liberated Bergen-Belsen. The British found around sixty thousand prisoners in the camp, most of them seriously ill. Thousands of corpses lay unburied on the camp grounds. Between May 1943 and April 15, 1945, between 36,400 and 37,600 prisoners died in Bergen-Belsen. More than 13,000 former prisoners, too ill to recover, died after liberation. After evacuating Bergen-Belsen, British forces burned down the whole camp to prevent the spread of typhus.

      During its existence, approximately 50,000 persons died in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp complex including Anne Frank and her sister Margot, both of whom died in the camp in March 1945.
      From the Jewish Virtual Library, Bergen Belsen: "Bergen-Belsen contained no gas chambers"

      "In Lueneburg, Germany, a Jewish physician, testifying at the trial of 45 men and women for war crimes at the Belsen and Oswiecim [Auschwitz] concentration camps, said that 80,000 Jews, representing the entire ghetto of Lodz, Poland, had been gassed or burned to death in one night at the Belsen camp." Associated Press story, 1945

      Battle of the Bulge
      16 Dec 1944 - 28 Jan 1945

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      • From the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum - Bergen Belsen


        Bergen-Belsen was in Germany and was NOT an extermination camp, you pathetic liar. It was a concentration camp like Dachau.Hitler intentionallly did the killing outside of Germany so he could keep it more of a secret from his own people.

        All the death camps were OUTSIDE Germany -- most of them in Poland but smaller ones scattered in Serbia and Belarus. The six big camps were Auschwitz-Birkenau, Chełmno, Belzec, Majdanek, Sobibor and Treblinka

        Crackeress, no Confederate soldiers died in Montana during the Civil War. Therefore the Union didn't kill any Confederate soldiers.

        (Crackeress taught me this logic).

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