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  • todlondon todlondon Jan 18, 2013 12:15 AM Flag



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    • your thumbs up will be high...dunno why since you set it up with a slow fastball right over the plate...outta the park!

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      • I trapped me a rodent!!!!!

        Well done Stinky..... you again provide strong evidence for being a strong troll bait. Teejerk simply cannot not follow my posts. Here is the little troll, in his own words:

        "your thumbs up will be high...dunno why since you set it up with a slow fastball right over the plate...outta the park!"

        To demonstrate, TeeJerk cannot admit to following my every post because he claims to have me on IGNORE.

        But, he tries to dodge that by saying "..dunno why..." It is ONLY because he is following me and my posts.

        Just guessin'


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      • Rodentess, overall, a dioet high in carbohydrates leads to a long term DECREASE in diabetes. Refined sugars raises the risk, but non-refined lowers the risk, and typically diabetes is anti-correlated with diasbetes. And ironically, animal fats, which you are so positive about, raises the risk.

        whatever you want to believe vermit since you have it twisted and turned around upside down backwards. Eat to your hearts desire. The sooner we will be rid of you. How are those statins coming along?

    • Stinky; Your job is to act as bait for TeeJerk.

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      • Idiot.

        The fecal transplant was performed because a patient had an infection which did not respond to anti-biotiics, and the natural bacteria in the colon were killed off. The fecal transfer was done to re-seen the naturally occurring bacteria in the colon. They also killed the invasive bacteria. The patient survived.

        That was my non-home schooled science lesson for this morning.

        Why do you continually assume a homoerotic, fecal based analysis of all posts here?

        Don't forget, your job here is bait for TeeJerk

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