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  • sandale111 Feb 3, 2013 9:58 AM Flag

    Intensely Stupid Rodent Tricks...continued

    Let's first recap a bit

    Statistics Rodent:"The term 'correlation' which should be stated as a correlation coefficient never implies cause and effect. Take a statistics course!"

    Hisw claim about the term "correlation coefficients" was wrong and stupid, and even more interesting is that he himself later adopts my terminoloogy that he had claimed was wrong.

    But most interesting of all was the standard rodentological test--I asked him a trivial question in the field he claimed he was an expert in:

    Me: "OK, Statistics Rodent, tell me the 'correlation coefficient' of these pairs of numbers (1, 6) ( 8,2) and (7, 4). Should be pretty easy if you took a statistics course"

    So how does rodent respond? WELL, I'M NOT MAKING THIS UOP--HE SAYS

    "I could explain it, but you'd never understand"

    So I again ask him the trivial question. This time, he thinks he has a better way of avoiding addressing a simple question in his field of supposed expertise. He gives me a situation where shoe size is correlated with IQ, and demands that I address his brilliant question, and that if I do he will answer my question. So I do address his question. I tell him that in shoe size example the correlation is not causal, but that his claim which I had disputed was that correlation NEVER implies causality. I point out that finding a situation where correlation did not imply causality does not imply that correlation NEVER implies causality. Statistics Rodent flunks logic also!

    So having addressed his brilliant question, I again ask him the simple statistics question which he obligated himself to answer. And his response? AGAIN, I DO NOT MAKE THESE THINGS UP!!!

    Statistics Rodent: "Take a statistics course, after you finish your GED."

    Umm, statistics rodent, being that YOU are unable to answer the statistics question, why should *I* be the one needing to take the statistics course? ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • sandale111 Feb 3, 2013 10:02 AM Flag

      "after you finish your GED"

      Statistics Rodent, I am not seeking a GED. I tghinkl my PhD wil;l be sufficient for anything requiring a GED.

      Yesterday you told us that you had a PhD. I asked you what field your PhD was in, but you fiorgot" to answer, LOL.

      My PhD was in physics. Feel free to ask me a physics question, and I will assk you a question in your PhD field.

      Anyone think he will take me up on my offer?

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