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  • happygambler34 happygambler34 Feb 4, 2013 10:59 AM Flag

    Obama Blames Poor Economy on Bad Decisions

    HOTUS finally gets one right, and he can follow his time proven formula and blame the last president....OPPSSSS---that's him!!!!

    In his weekly address, President Barack Obama blamed the economic problems on “bad decisions.”

    “This week, we also received the first estimate of America’s economic growth over the last few months. And it reminded us that bad decisions in Washington can get in the way of our economic progress,” said Obama, presumably referring to the uptick in unemployment from 7.8 percent to 7.9 percent and the news that the economy contracted in the final quarter of last year.

    The president did not name which decisions were “bad,” and who specifically was to blame for those “bad decisions.” But he did blame Washington.

    “2013 can be a year of solid growth, more jobs, and higher wages. But that will only happen if we put a stop to self-inflicted wounds in Washington. Everyone in Washington needs to focus not on politics but on what’s right for the country; on what’s right for you and your families. That’s how we’ll get our economy growing faster. That’s how we’ll strengthen our middle class. And that’s how we’ll build a country that rewards the effort and determination of every single American,” said Obama.

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      The Social Security Administration should refuse to give Cumgobbler a single additional free Pap smear until this mental defective learns to spell "oops."

    • It's interesting, by the by, that he can in many cases claim not to have made the bad decisions. He doesn't do "decisions"...with the exception of drone strikes perhaps...and happily hands off to his cat's paws real decisions he rubber stamps.

      We call it Obamacare, but AHCA is a construct of Pelosi and Reid (and their aides) that even they had not read. The Congress in general deserves its poor rating.

      His one effort at a decision was the budget proposal in 2012, that was defeated 99-zip in the Senate, 414-0 in the House. Obama doesn't do decisions.

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      • His one effort at a decision was the budget proposal in 2012

        Right, because taking out Osama bin Laden doesn't count...

        Ahem...and there's the $787 billion 'stimulus'
        And his decision to bail out Detroit
        And withdraw troops from Iraq
        And stop Bush's rendition/torture program
        Plus deciding to send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan
        Decided to close Guantanamo (but hasn't because....guess why?)
        Decided to help Libya get rid of Kaddafi
        Decided drones are a nice way to kill people
        Decided to relax travel restrictions for Cuban-Americans going to/from Cuba
        Decided to reverse Bush's stupid policy on stem-cell research
        Nominating cabinet members and federal judges

        That you're claiming Obama had no part in Obamacare is both cute and pathetic.

    • And that’s how we’ll build a country that rewards the effort and determination of every single American,” said Obama.

      All the people who write claiming that whites denied them success, that the inherent racism they conceive as the reason their widget didn't sell, or even why their education did not make them invent a widget, those who gave up 20 years ago, holding a memory of loss that kept them from trying again, etc., etc., can be fit within that loose and pretty-sounding statement. Lots of people show effort and determination who never make the minor leagues. For Obama, they should get the same as if they had made the big leagues.

    • Bad voting Republican.

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