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  • cpwrguy_99 cpwrguy_99 Aug 15, 2014 10:17 AM Flag

    Michael Brown suspect in strong arm robbery just announced on FOX news

    Packet released by Ferguson PD Chief shows Brown in convenience store video surveillance
    In strong arm burglary where a box of swisher cigars was stolen by Brown with value of $43.00
    And clerk had struggle with Brown!!! And the beat goes on, HANDs UP - DON'T SHOOT'
    The Afro-Americans. Shout as they riot in the streets!!!

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    • Ferguson police chief: Robbery "not related" to shooting of Michael Brown

      Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson on Friday said the police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown was not aware that the unarmed 18-year-old was accused of robbing a convenience store just minutes before the shooting.

      Jackson said that "the initial contact with Brown was not related to the robbery." Jackson also clarified that Darren Wilson, the officer who shot and killed Brown, wasn't even responding to a call about the robbery as initially reported. Wilson instead stopped Brown because he was jaywalking.

    • Let me get this straight?

      An unarmed kid is worthy of death when he is 35 feet away from the cop, and the cop never left his vehicle, and gthe kids arms were raised?

      HAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Darren Wilson will spend the rest of his life in prison in solitary for the murder.


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      • Darren Wilson will spend the rest of his life in prison in solitary for the murder.

        That's what I originally thought about George Zimmerman. Apparently shooting unarmed black men to death isn't a crime.

        Maybe its time I stopped working on my tan...

      • andimsupposedtobecrazy andimsupposedtobecrazy Aug 15, 2014 12:07 PM Flag

        Police have said Brown was shot after an officer encountered him and another man on the street. They say one of the men pushed the officer into his squad car, then physically assaulted him in the vehicle and struggled with the officer over the officer's weapon. At least one shot was fired inside the car before the struggle spilled onto the street, where Brown was shot multiple times, according to police.

        But a much different story has been told by Dorian Johnson, who says he was walking down the street with Brown when he was shot. He has said the officer ordered them out of the street, then grabbed his friend's neck and tried to pull him into the car before brandishing his weapon and firing. He says Brown started to run and the officer pursued him, firing multiple times.

        The police version seems more probable. Why would the officer order them out of the street when he was attempting to arrest Brown as a suspect for a strong armed robbery which had occurred just ten minutes prior, and to which Brown fit the description of the robber? Who do you want to believe, the police version or the possible accomplice's version? I'll vote for the police version.

      • andimsupposedtobecrazy andimsupposedtobecrazy Aug 15, 2014 11:16 AM Flag

        Has a video come out showing the shooting? Don't all police cars have videos in them yet or don't all police have a video camera pinned to their person? How do you know it was 35 feet? At this point I'll believe the video of the strong armed robbery and Brown unwisely resisting arrest and making bodily contact with the police officer in an attempt to get his gun. It has been stated the police officer was pushed back into his vehicle. Brown couldn't do that from 35 feet away. It will all come out. In any case, obama has no business rushing to judgement until all the evidence is in. Does obama still claim if he had a son he would still look like trayvon? obama interjecting himself as he does only seems to bring on anarchy instead of publicly renouncing the lawless burning and rioting. obama should try to calm things down, not stir the coals and blow on them.

    • HAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

      The police, after 6 days of silence are now accusing the kid that was murdered a "robbery suspect?"

      No word for 6 days?


      And the Fox News Liars are encouraging stupid people to believe the police??


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    • andimsupposedtobelazy andimsupposedtobelazy Aug 15, 2014 10:41 AM Flag

      In strong arm burglary


      There is no such thing as a "strong arm burglary," you senile bedwetting dunce.

      Next PeeCPee will be yelling about a "gunless shooting."

    • The White hating black mobs will call this video a lie. The "Gentle Giant" was really a stong arm THUG!

    • Brown was 6 foot 4 inches weight at 292 lbs, small wonder he was shot, if as reported he tried to
      Take weapon from officer, what would you do?

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      • andimsupposedtobecrazy andimsupposedtobecrazy Aug 15, 2014 10:42 AM Flag

        "Brown in convenience store video surveillance in a strong arm burglary"
        Was this robbery on the same day he was shot by the police? In otherwords, the policeman was attempting to arrest Brown for robbery and Brown resisted? It explains a lot. So does obama support people who strong arm rob stores and resist arrest? Is this the message obama is sending, that it is OK to commit robbery and then to resist arrest. What kind of leadership is that?

      • Let me get this straight. The murdering cops say for 6 days that the kid was told to get on the sidewalk, with absolutely NO MENTION of any "armed robbery" and then with the release of the murderers name, video shows a black kid (unidentifiable) and then the Fox News Liars call the dead teen a "prime suspect?"

        Droolers, why are there only 6-8 people in the Tea-Droolers? You are not only ignorant, flabby, and uneducated, you are terrified of your perceived loss of white privilege. Idiots.

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