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  • skier_steve skier_steve Aug 25, 2000 11:11 AM Flag

    A few thoughts on SF

    NBR mentioned SF's price appreciation last night
    (8/24/00) and attributed it to a few deals (consolidation)
    in this industry. They essentially stated the
    obvious - SF is rising because investors believe they
    will be acquired.

    Another observation, there
    has been no insider selling for quite sometime - yah,
    the stock has been in the gutter but still...
    Conversely, there has been steady insider buying - some
    options, some dividend related (small share counts), and
    some pure buys. In this day and age, you don't see
    steady and consistent insider buying - the trend with
    the .com's and such is to sell/sell/sell. I think the
    directors who've been buying and holding are playing it
    very smart.

    In additon, SF has a low P/E for
    this segment, a solid balance sheet, and they seem to
    be heading in the right direction - growth

    So, why is the stock running up recently - I suspect
    a few small cap funds are buying - and buying
    because its a likely acquisition target that is currently
    undervalued in the market.

    I've been holding for ~ 2
    years - so I'm hoping for 20.

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