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  • crawford_crawfish crawford_crawfish Feb 13, 2003 3:28 PM Flag

    Why did the Management not Tell

    during the last conference call when the company will be profitable?

    Since money came from predictable interest income anyway and the interest rate has been quite low and revenue has been declining, it shouldn't have been hard to predict if the company would make profit, not unless they felt that they were planning on screwing up something real bad. I mean, how bad could they have run the company?

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    • If it was so predictable as you say now,"WHEN HELL FREEZES OVER" YOU ARE THE BIGGEST MORON .Why didn't you predict a profit?

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      • My comment was based on assuming the management knowing something about their own operation plan. Considering what they have now revealed, there was really nothing that prevented them from being able to properly forecast. If they have done something that had a very unpredictable outcome, yeah then management would have uncertainty. But they did not do ANYTHING! The money came from interest earnings. What did they expect? Their revenue to decline even more than it had to wipe out all interest earnings? They were breaking even last quarter already. Of course the only way to not make a profit is for them to screw something up. But since now it is known that they were not doing anything, what could have prevented a forecasting of profit? Sheeeez? Need I hold your hand and walk you through the basic of deductive reasoning?

        It seems that they posted a profit. I would not personally call that "making" a profit.

    • Mr.Crowford,
      Although you might be right, I would never underestimate chinese people!
      If Mr.Yip is saying that he is 25-30% cheaper than Indian people that's serious news!
      The meaning is that IT outsourcing is moving to China from India slowly but surely.

    • good thinkin-duh!!!!!! must be a conspiracy!!!!!- your on the ball - just like when hell freezes over!!!!!!! PATHETIC SORRY ASS!!!!