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  • garolou22 garolou22 Jul 4, 2009 2:44 PM Flag

    The Boom-Bust cycle for polysilicon

    has seen its best days on the bust side. Now get ready for another boom and much higher prices. The key question for longterm investors is who is First Solar's real competition. So far there doesn't seem to be any.

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    • Silicon is ultimately made from sand and energy. Is there a drastic shortage of either?
      IMO, "old" semiconductors are well in the commodity phase of their market lives. Only indium, gallim and tellurim based materials may experience significant price spikes because of insufficient supplies of these metals.

    • You look to for wisdom. Try to think of them as humans, thus its either you tie them
      all together & think of them as one & so in any upswings they all thrive or division can come
      about... trojans slip in, then the sector is in trouble, on a whole. They will evolve
      intermarriage/mergers to come, the science is evolving some have more cash than others, but
      demand is real, forces are present who do not want this to materialise
      I call'em the " o'l boys-network " . Again here i appeal to nature via "archetype" lest one thinks me be racist har har.
      I subscribe to all... in my daily living hence i couldnt possibly be , by default. I learn from all!

      Consider that post "power of sun vs. gold" now that has far reaching consequences....

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