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  • ufcfighterchamp ufcfighterchamp Sep 7, 2009 1:38 PM Flag

    >>Is a Crash Impending?

    The Shanghai market has already lost roughly 25% from its recent peak, and it took just three weeks to lose what required roughly three months to put on.

    How do you like those odds, folks? Pay close attention to the lessons from the East, lest you get to learn them the hard way right here.

    A 25% loss from the recent highs on the SPX places the S&P 500 around 775.

    I smell a repeat of 2001/2002, when the very same "analysts" said the bear market was over and everyone jumped back into the pool going into the end of 2001, only to get destroyed in the collapse that followed and took out the 2001 low.

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    • oh oh....ufshe ch0mpchip....oh oh...
      her tush hurts....

    • Maybe you should look at the futures this morning. Do you still see signs of an impendening crash today?

    • Jerk ... all that needs to be said. The crash came already. Have a cookie.

    • I do nt use the paid ANALs opinion
      lies like SEEK.A. for trading.

      A crash???

      .is not in the cards, but a
      possible correction of **max. 1000
      DOW points...8500 strongest support.

      Why not?
      1.)Hedge fund redemptions have
      brought down the DOW to an unnormal
      deep level, we will never see again.

      2.)Shanghai and HSI are OVERSOLD again!

      3.)PAID BASHERS like Roubini, El
      Error from the pimps & co. and
      Faber "China growth in 2009 = +2%)
      are yelling apocalypse outlooks.

      Fu... liar bast... like the paid
      basher liar Green sh...before, bashing China down...
      ..means, I SMELL TRASH AS USUAL!!

      The same methode like priest in the
      church, to get money from the poor
      ones...."apocalypse is coming.. now for your seat in the heaven.."

      4.) The stock exchange is not the economy.
      Technical the markets will go up
      further now, until the MMs decide
      a pullback..
      ...not any slimy camel drivers!

      5.) The overall situation is much
      better, than a year ago, right?


      That would be the last entry for
      all, who missed the first part in

      High in cash and some RIG and RTP,
      anyway long term winners could be
      a good strategy.

      +2% IN 2009, each kid knows this
      fu.. is a PAID LIAR!..

      BTW, the idiot has allways been
      wrong, short and mid term 100% wrong!..

      .a 100% prove, no crash underway!

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