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  • gruen7 gruen7 Dec 22, 2011 1:19 AM Flag

    pumpers reeled in for dump action everytime

    When the little guys buy in masses, all the sudden like a miracle for the last 6 or 7 pumps this is really it this time, huge sellers appear on level 2 with big blocks dumping at will.

    They would only do this if they know they will get a chance to buy much lower if by then they even want to anymore and better stocks are cheaper and everywhere with much less risk.

    21, 22 is a certainty, 14, 15 is a strong possibility and the longs here that have not grown skeptical or learned a lesson from fslr, simply have not lost enough yet, and do not understand the hold and power big oil really has. Our chitty economy could get a bullchit lift if they put gas at 1.75 even 2.00 for 6 months, in then end they will figure that out when the economy does not get better but stays the same or worse another 5 years.

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    • That is too funny.

      >>>21, 22 is a certainty<<<

      I had no idea that god was posting here. It seems rather a waste of time for someone with perfect knowledge of future prices to bother with investing. But hey, thanks for still caring about the "little guys". I sure do wish I was able to see the secret machinations such as:
      >>>They would only do this if they know they will get a chance to buy much lower ...<<<

      Darn. They are too good. When "they" want to buy, the just set the price low. You must feel fortunate to know about "them". I do hope "they" set the market price of gas at $2.

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