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  • gruen7 gruen7 Dec 22, 2011 1:48 AM Flag

    fools are buying, dump huge hurry

    They have not had enough yet, like those that do no research on Ron Paul and are blind to see he is the only one that will fix your country. Without Ron Paul to end the FED, your economy has to collapse, read 50 statistics you don't know about the US economy on yahoo.

    End the FRAUD, End the FED, then we can fix the rest of this mess…(Yeah, the Federal Reserve isn’t even a part of the US government, it’s a private entity with total control over our monetary policy and has never been audited.) No corruption to see here… Move along folks!!! Tell me? Why can banks borrow at 0% to .25% and then lend the money back to the US government at 3% to 5% interest while the taxpayer gets the bill for the interest? Sounds like fraud to me!! Boycott the big banks, and vote out our worthless congress this fall!!! I’d like a loan at 0%, but I’m not a big bank… If corporations are “people” according to the supreme court, then this is discrimination!!!! Quit pointing your finger across the isle and realize that repubs and dems are BOTH shafting us, and both are leaches sucking the wealth of our country to the now global corporate ruling class hell bent on total control and slavery in the name of greed. Back door BP meeting will allow them to get away with this disaster at the expense of... you guessed it, the American Tax Payer, IE: Slave to the corpocracy. All the ranting and raving by politicians is nothing more than a diversion to keep the campaign contributions coming from BP!!!

    FACT: The companies tainting our foods with genetically modified foods are putting this garbage into your body without proper testing, calling them "GRAS" or "generally recognized as safe" making them totally unregulated by the US FDA.

    FACT: The agencies responsible for protecting you from these greedy corporate conglomerates are run by the same people who run these companies.

    FACT: The economic policies of this country are decided by former heads of the largest banks in the world who have their own profits as a higher priority than our national security.

    FACT: The Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE company that has never been audited by congress or the GAO. The Federal Reserve is owned by an international cartell of bankers and DOES NOT have the best interest of America in mind.

    FACT: The Federal Reserve sets the entire monetary policy of our country, and is not responsible or required to disclose to the American people what it does with our money, or who it lends it to.

    FACT: Big Agriculture, Big Pharma, Big Oil, and Big Money give huge campaign donations to BOTH the democrats and republicans in order to ensure that no matter who gets elected, the laws are tilted in their favor, at your expense. Something stinks here, and its not just the tar balls washing up on our beaches. Vote for the candidate you have never heard of to end the fraud in government.

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