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  • minchie89 minchie89 Feb 16, 2012 2:16 PM Flag

    First SolarChairman Named to AEE Board

    aS shares are rising so is your anger as you are loosing more $$ ..THAT is clearly evident.
    What is hilarious about your posts is the slew of responses from different Handles, all saying, "Going Lower" No new business etc... just Nonsense stuff etc. All "random" Bull Crap to get newbies and traders who you have never met on the FSLR board before and you seem to never have anything to say about FSLR but BAD THINGS. It's just so clearly evident you are a Spammers with multiple handles. Does it really work for you? Does anyone ever actually believe YOU as YOU NEVER POST ANY LINKS TO YOUR NON-SENSE It reminds me of the low-brow man on the street who constantly yells lewd comments to women, wondering why it never ends up in bed. I feel bad for you if that's all the game you've got. Just can't imagine these fake tactics are working for you. But hey, everyone's got to hustle, I guess. And you are only trying what you know. But it is so transparent. Really.
    amazing that this is how some people try to make a living BY BETTING AGAINST OUR BELOVED fIRST sOLAR..

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    • Sorry - but I use only one handle. Don't need more. Don't want more. Here's a clue for you. There is more than one person who has a negative outlook on FSLR. FSLR was $50 4 days ago and I posted my trades. Why would I be angry ? LOL. You got the wrong person to peg with anger issues. I'm as mellow as they come.

      And speaking of lies. I post links or references to every source I quote. HEck - just look at my posts today. How many links did I provide ? A lot.

      You are the LIAR.

    • Why don't you stop flinging baseless insults and post something factual or useful to FSLR ? Your childish rants do not affect me in the slightest. Why don't you back up something with a FACT instead of calling names ? My guess is that's what unintelligent people do. When they can't keep up with a discussions or say something rational they resort to name calling and insults. A sure sign of a person lacking in brains (of course so is the overuse of ALL CAPS).And so is referring to yourself in the third person, as well as coming off looking like a D-Bag. Don't be "that guy".

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