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  • dimondboy dimondboy Feb 28, 2012 6:38 PM Flag


    This is serious people. This is exactly what I have been talking about here for the last 6 months, right down to the degradation issues and the bankability concerns. Many of you dissed me for months when I was just trying to help you.

    Listen to the other analysts laughing in the background. They know its over too.

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    • I have not been among your detractors before since I do not know you or have much history in reading your posts. Nonetheless, the way all the "known" bashers (people that rarely comment on anything but jump in big time on your post) get involved I immediately think it is a bash and not anything to put interest in.

      Certainly, this information is already know and out there and yet the stock has not been affected, in fact the stock made new 9-month highs today and is trading on its highs. If this was something the traders were worried about it would be seen on that trading. The fact it is not being seen suggests that it is not an issue, at least not at this point.

      As such, you have just taken a step down in my book. I dislike people that have ulterior motives and not truthful about it.

      All I have to say to people that are trading the stock, use common sense (if you have any). Words are free, actions mean something. Anyone can say anything they want but where people put their money tells the "real" story.

    • And thats all it was, one mans opinion. THEY REAFFIRMED GUIDANCE MY FRIEND. The bottom is in.

    • Wasn't that bad as CNBC or headlines make it out to be

    • Thanks fraudbuster ! Appreciate it.

    • can someone trust those creeps? Really?

      Where were they the market crashed in 2008, 2011...they are just overpaid tarot card readers....they can't never predict the unexpected....such as FSLR being bailed out by uncle Sam....

    • I think many could get negative on FSLR now after hearing that terrible conference call. I had hopes that the company could at least hold out with a decent report, maybe even coming close to EPS and guidance but there are systemic problems here and they arent going BK but eps will continue to slide over time that means shrinking P/E and EPS, which means lower stock prices

      I think for at least this week, short interest could move up to about 40% then maybe if its trading in mid twenties it will be low enough to catch a decent enough sustained bid to push it back to mid thirties and force shorts to cover but seriously I would not hold it long term

      my 'plan' is to short it tomorr morn, especially if it bumps up on hopes then ride it to mid twenties if possible, then cover and say good bye
      so sad

      good luck

    • The problem is going to be getting shares to short. I got some short AH, but when I tried again AMTD said no more shares available to short. I think your best bet would be premarket. I think it will tank first thing, hit a temporary bottom, and then bounce. That's the time to short, as it will start the long decline down. That's just my experience with situations like this and bad FSLRs earnings calls. Don't know what the numbers will be - but I think its all about being able to borrow shares. The other way to play it is to buy puts. You can always buy puts - but I expect the premiums will be pretty high tomorrow.

    • Yeah, your plan talk to yourself.. :)))

      Sure, I don't care, short as much as you could..

      You can actually short now.. Who cares.?

      Strong Sell :)))

      I hope, you morons, pile up tomorrow on the short side while 34% of the float already shorted..

    • whatever man, this story is KAPUT

      its game over

      did you listen to the conference call?! read the transcript
      I didnt think it was already so bad
      they have defective units, the margins are not going to allow them to be profitable for years, its basically OVER
      just man up and admit that ur wrong, HATE to be a turn coat, I just hate it BUT thats trading, u have to know when u were wrong

      just cut out in after hours and short it tomorr, Im planning on doing that to make back the small loss I got after like an idiot buying it at $37

      good luck!

    • Agreed, nothing good in that interview with the analyst. Is this problem with the degradation of the panels just with FSLR? What are the prospects for other solars such as TSL, JASO, CSIQ?

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      • Diamond tha tis exactly the point. They have no business except the govt sponsored projects. Their panels are not competitive and they are not working. they do not have the cash flow to fix them and replace and the banks know it.....this is why they can not buy these projects. It is over here....dead man walking. That analysis has done everyone a favbor who wants to open their eyes.

        Again, they are only planning on using 40% of their capacity this year and they lose money on every panel they sell that isnt to a govt guranteed prjocet.....and those might collpase if the panels have high default rates.

      • This is just FSLR who uses CdTe panels. GE will likely have the same problems as well. The Chinese guys all use the proven technology of polysilicon. Go figure. China uses the proven technology that the US DEVELOPED, and US companies like FSLR and Solyndra screw around with thin film.

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