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  • classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts Mar 10, 2012 12:20 PM Flag

    solar panels dont work in the sun

    Why on earth would you risk buying FSLR here as short interest even now is still increasing.

    When you can buy best of breed with the brightest future, which is Suntech STP.

    Read the latest 2 news articles about STP a highly respected stock discussion and research community says STP should be at 4.43 immediately. 96% of Stp followers are extremely Bullish, (very high percentage)

    Most are in at 10.09, added at 9.45, added again at 7.69, 6.39 and I'm sure are adding presently.

    Volume picked up the last two days, especially Friday before the two good articles came out way after the bell.

    Suntech panels are strong, do not get worn out, have the best warranty in the industry, they are taking marketshare from everybody all the while they have cheap labor, private deep financial backing hidden from us and the USA is not going to do anything after putting off they will say its just to hard to check up on china make a decision without knowing for sure if its true China is flooding the block with solar panels. They are the largest by far, (not even a close second to them)

    The next 5 trading days stp will go north to 5 which is way overdue and far to obvious, big block buying was going on Fri as mms tried to hide but level 2 was sooo obvious.

    Meanwhile Fslr will stay the same or go down, they need a placement for the power plant idea to be taken serious, and that means 7.00 pps after the secondary in my opinion. Big reasons it fell from 160, ceo dumped all he had before the collapse, quit and then was like screw First Solar.

40.87-1.38(-3.27%)Oct 24 4:00 PMEDT