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  • jeffdavis_98 jeffdavis_98 Mar 30, 2012 3:22 PM Flag

    big news coming this weekend!!!


    govt push to go solar and big tax breaks for companies to make the and ibm are two that are making this move

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    • interactivebrokerssucks20soon interactivebrokerssucks20soon Mar 31, 2012 5:09 PM Flag

      Big news indeed, Another class action lawsuit against FSLR, it gets more and more expensive every time they have to pay to defend one after another for who knows how long.

    • interactivebrokerssucks20soon interactivebrokerssucks20soon Mar 31, 2012 1:13 AM Flag


      You must understand that anyone that takes up Bush can only do so by allowing the blame to always go elsewhere.

      Fact 1 If Bush left the tax cuts where they were with Clinton we would not be as screwed as we are now or have near the deficit levels.

      Fact 2 Cheney ordered brand new 450,000 trucks in Iraq to be burned to the ground for the insurance money because they did not have the right size jacks or none at all in some cases. So many brand new trucks were burned that it pissed off even the overpayed millionaire mercenary killers.

      Fact 3 Cheney operated a private hit squad for profit

      Fact 4 Bush ruined America and set us back 30 years financially while playing wipeout with the middle class. Rich and Poor only now, middle class is dead. Elimination of the uptick rule he allowed.

      Now Obama is horrible ok, but he is 10 times better then Bush and even if he does not, he at least acts like he cares about the poor and passed bills that helped them. Bush only hurt them and kicked them while they are down, his pig brother moron JEB would be another travesty and one the USA could not sustain. Now Obama had 2 years he could have done anything he wanted, the main ten campaign promises he broke them all. One I could not forgive as many other can't either in fact I got cutoff live on CSPAN for saying this. Obama promised to put the tax rate back to Clinton or better and had 2 years he could have easily achieved this, instead he did nothing till he lost the majority and all the sudden he wants to do what is right now that he knows it is impossible with the republicans blocking it. People that are poor or make less then 3 or 400,000 and vote republican are killing themselves financially voting Republican. And now America is so dumbed down with the media, alcohol and prescription drugs that they no longer even act like they care about the middle class and poor. Nope they just dodge questions and don't bring it up unless it is an empty promise they have no intention of honoring from the start.

      I'm not even going to go into the New World Order agenda, the CFR, Freemasons, Israel, the Tri Lateral Commission,Goldman Sachs, skull and bones, and the Bilderberg group. You have youtube, research and verify, read rense . c m for a month straight. Our leaders are picked for us and in no way could the election be fair if every single loser turned up to vote because of filters and computers with no paper trails and custom software programs that will change when they need to in order to not look so obvious. Let's face it even if FSLR is the best business ever, the naked shorters already made up there mind this one is BK finished otherwise how are they going to cover or find all those virtual FTD's, OSTK sued and won and still lost,only in America.

    • Jeff, why would the government announce anything on the weekend?

    • You mean the solar subsidies and tax credits the Senate already voted down today ?

      Don't you guys ever read any news or do you just make stuff up to try and scare people ?

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