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  • dimondboy dimondboy Nov 26, 2012 5:43 PM Flag

    Funny how longs want to divert attention to me instead of FSLR

    I wonder why the longs don't want to talk about FSLR ? All they want to do is divert attention away from the facts and focus attention on me. Why do they try so hard to discredit me ? Simple. Its fear. They know I am right and are so afraid of the truth that they spend all their effort to try and discredit me. But they can't. They call me a liar and all kinds of other names - but can't give a single example to back up their name calling. Desperation and fear is getting to them. Impatience is getting to them. Here is something for longs to consider. How many shares of FSLR are owned by S&P index funds ? FSLR is the lowest market cap stock in the S&P 500. I wonder how much longer FSLR will stay in the S&P and how much FSLR will tank when it is removed from the S&P ? Just something to think about.

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    • Clanza - I thought you said that this was discussed ad nauseum ? Once FB meets the minimum trading period they are going to be put on the S&P immediately. I did not say they would they first ones out, but the S&P replaces a number of stocks every year. And being in the bottom 3-5 is a sure fire way to get replaced on the index. I spend my time researching important things - not trivial things that don't change the context of the issue. What you see as an awful large gaffe I see as inconsequential to the point that Forbes is making.

    • Boy,
      Back on Nov 14th you made a claim that the FSLR factory in Germany was shut down ( you actually said decommissioning mode) which was in fact false, it is still running as I type. I'm not necessarily calling you a liar as much as wrong ( I believe there is a difference). Often your posts aren't based on fact, and when you are challenged you either go silent, or you tell the individual to do their own research.
      There is absolutely no desperation or fear with me. While I might lose 6 figures should FSLR stock go to zero, it would cost me nothing more than a vacation or two. You asked me once why I didn't challenge Camel and in fairness I have as well as other who post false info. Don't flatter yourself into thinking there is any attention focused upon you, when in fact the focus is on the bad information, you just carry the brunt because of the volumes of bad info that you spew. ( warranty, degradation, DuPont, efficiency etc. )

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      • One more thing, which you entirely missed the point on - there is an inordinate amount of attention placed on me on this board. All you need to do is look at all the posts. And, they are not focused on my "bad information" as you claim - they are just name calling posts with no substance. You guys all claim I am a liar and a basher, yet you can offer no proof of such claims. That ius what I find very funny - that you spend time trying to discredit me, when if you had actual facts on your said you wouldn't need to. Even the things you point to as "bad information" I provided was in fact very good and solid information. You obviously don't know the didfference.

      • Really ? You have prove that the German plant is NOT in decommissioning mode ? Please post your proof that they have extended production beyond what FSLR said they would. FSLR said they would continue production until "about October" and then start decommissioning., I was just repeating what the company has said since none of you even read the quarterly reports. If I was wrong then the company was wrong - but i have not seen anything to contrary. Also, I was not wrong on the warranty issues, degradation (same thing as warranty issues), Dupont and efficiency). Thanks for pointing out the thing I was right about. I just love how you longs make stuff up, and then believe it yourselves. I wasn't wrong about any of those things. In fact, I haven't been wrong about too much when it comes to FSLR, and since no one can be perfect that a pretty darn good track record.

    • I don't follow fundamentals so I cannot sit and debate the issue whether FSLR is a good fundamental buy or not. Nonetheless, I have been a chartist for over 35 years and I believe charts tell "the true story" about any stock.

      Since you seem to be a bear, I want to ask you to explain the 5 months in a row of green closes (likely to be 6 if the stock closes above 24.30 on Friday) as well as the reason why the stock has broken above both the 200-day and 50-week MA, both are "established" indicators of mid to long term weakness or strength.

      In addition, I am sure you will agree that the "small" speculator does not have enough strength or power to cause any of these things to occur so there must be some "strong" buying somewhere.

      If you can explain that to my satisfaction, I might be more pliable to listenting to your negative statement.

      Nonetheless, I do have to say to you that in my 35 years of trading off of charts, I have found them to be reliable indicators of what is happening. The only time they fail is when some "unexpected" announcement or report comes out. I don't think there is anything unexpected in this company or this industry right now. Everyone has been generally negative regarding both, proof in the pudding is the fact the stock and the industry have fallen so precipitously over tha past 3 years.

      A great negative story could have been given when the stock was trading at $300, but at $25 that is not the case.

    • FSLR is not the lowest market cap in the S&P 500. I believe AMD is the lowest and by a wide margin. Big is also lower than FSLR and ETFC is not far behind.

    • I'd love to talk FSLR but there isn't much to discuss that hasn't been debated ad nauseum on this board.

    • whatso94 Nov 26, 2012 5:50 PM Flag

      I cant find one post that nosolar has talked about fslr not a one. see if you can find one post nosolar has added anything.

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