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  • beermenow5 beermenow5 Jan 21, 2013 9:58 PM Flag

    finplan and dimondboy

    this is not something i'm especially proud of but i've been watching these message boards on many multiple stocks through the past few years. any alternative stock/play that had a short attack always had two posters frequenting that particular yahoo message board and they always had two agendas. one was political (finplan) that always called solar 'toy power' and babbling abt marxism and obama etc.

    the second smartypants babbled non-stop abt competitive pressures, efficiencies, drying up pipeline, problems at the company etc etc etc.

    i'm not a genius but i don't think it takes one to deem finpuss and dimondgirl paid dummy spammers hired by either a short fund or chinese competitor.

    sounds weird but i'm averaging up tomorrow again, loading up

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    • anytime fslr hits the 30.00 level, smart money comes in and pushes first solar back to 32.00. 35.00 is closer then you think.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • You longs will never get it.......Diamond appears to be an engineer/developer with extensive experience in the solar filed. His number one caution is that in the industry it is widely known that FSLR makes the most inferior product and the "deals" they got when nobody was paying attention are no longer there...the margins are dropping fast etc. Me? i just know how to read balnce sheets and politcal winds. This company is a scam from every point of view. 100% of fslr's business is financed in one way or another from some govt money. Period. The "big Boys" you mention did not get that way by being stupid. they know the most Liberal person ever elected ( just listen to that 6 trillion dollar deficit speech he just gave) is in office and the freebies will continue..............but not at the rate they did. We do not have the money and everybody knows it.

      Then there is the true wild card: Nat Gas. At 600 year levels of inventory and climbing the smart money is already in place for the inevitable futre: Solar isand will be a small part of energy production and all of the technolgy ends up in Big Oil's hands or GE trype companies and Nat Gas ends up powering our transportation and electric grids.

      22 million shares still short after this "miraculous" rally. 3 million closed...why? Well who else had made that kind of money but us shorts? Obama got re-elected by the Ignorant.. The smart money knew taxes were going up so book a little profit.........and wait for the end. It is coming as sure as the Sun in the morning...............

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      • Finplan - "I just know how to read balance sheets . . . . . . the company is a scam from every point of view". Quite obviously you do NOT know how to read a balance sheet. FSLR has an EXTREMELY healthy balance sheet versus not only others in the solar industry, but publicly listed companies in general. A current ratio greater than 2.5:1, a very low total debt to equity ratio of less than .75:1.0 and an even better ratio with regard to long-term debt to assets. They've cleaned up their balance sheet through restructuring write-offs and goodwill impairment to the tune of close to $1B, (all of which is explained in great detail in the notes to their financial statements), yet still have over $3.5B in shareholder equity. You may want to actually read one of their quarterly SEC filings or, at the very least, their last annual report. I wouldn't do this, however, until taking an introductory accounting course so you know what makes for a strong balance sheet.

        With regard to your erroneous comment on margins, they've actually improved over the past three quarters and the company will, in all likelihood, be on target to earn over $5.50 per share in 2013. The company can make a very healthy BOTTOM line without the need for 40% (plus) margins. It's a new business model, but then again, you'd know that if you had actually done any tangible research. With more than $9B in forward contracts, concern over who ultimately pays for solar development projects is mitigated because the contracts are locked in. Developing regions such as ASIA, Australia, China and the Middle-East will ensure the future of solar, and FSLR specifically.

        But maybe all this financial stability stuff means nothing to you because you are truly concerned about their future as a result of their inferior thin-film technology?? Well then, let's debate that, shall we?? What's their current cost of production versus traditional PV technology? What is FSLR's R&D plans with regard to CdTe technology and how advanced are they in this regard? What is the power conversion ratio for thin-film CdTe versus other PV technology and how does this change depending on climate and temperature? What is the ultimate payback period for thin film versus other PV, and where do you see this going in the future? Personally, I don't care what your answers are because you likely don't know anyway. I've done my research and like FSLR's chances of adding to the $9B in forward contracts as time marches on.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • What I care is earnings, cash / dept and guidance for the next 1-2 years. And I dont see a company which is in trouble. With all the political efforts for green energy and solar being more competetive than before, can just be positive ...

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • "i'm not a genius"

      Couldn't have said that one better myself !

      My message board experience has been that whenever stupid people who cannot refute the simplest of points or debate the merits of a company on the facts - well, they usually resort to creating multiple IDS and creating conspiracy stories and heaping on ad hominem attacks on the person who they feel inferior too.

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      • We will see Friday after the close if your short comrades are standing beside you. 3.6 million have given up the fight. I am sure they will be back at the slightest bad news.

      • Dimondboy - There is merit to the conclusions other board members have come to with regard to your motives. You post non-stop on FSLR, having no less than 200 messages over the past few months alone . . . . all of which are negative. Most of your messages tend to hugely over-exagerate even the most meaningless of potentially negative issues, while you constantly downplay and ignore anything that would have a positive impact. For someone to be so prominently negative, on such a consistence basis, while clearly dedicating a great deal of their time to this endeavor, (the sheer volume of your posts is beyong rationale), either means you have a VERY unhealthy fixation with FSLR and are therefore completely compromised in your ability to be objective, or you are being paid to be negative. Either way, you have zero credibility. That said, if you would like to debate the merits of FSLR as an investment, either short or long, based on tangible facts, I would be willing to do that very thing. Perhaps start with my most recent article in Seeking Alpha . . . First Solar Versus the Solar Industry. I think it's fair to say that I've done my homework.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • and i just think with the waltons supporting fslr and buffet/gates big obama supporters and newly minted solar fans...and with obama in charge for the next 4 years along with the penetration in the middle east...f me not sure what the stock is gonna due the next couple weeks but this story seems to be just beginning

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