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  • perfusion68 perfusion68 Apr 2, 2013 8:34 PM Flag

    Regardless of natural Gas ! Solar is by far the best option for the world

    Abundant and really doesn't cause natural disaster like fracking
    Eventually, we are going to abandon fracking once we find the truth about it
    do your research

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    • This is still the age of planned obsolescence. Growth is god above all and must continue to grow at more glorious rates for increasingly impatient and demanding generations (assholery even grew!). Never mind the sole attention to growth is proving to be cancerous to the body. Anyone who considers waste,recycling, being effecient, health,resource preservation,sustainability in general is a commie lib fagtard who hates flags,babies, and kittens.

      Is this best,or is that, could cars truly not out perform the model t in mpg until recently, can printers really not utilize anywhere near 100% of their $10,000 per gallon ink or reject refills or is it a psychotic love for the consumer to prevent them having to wash their hands in any off chance?

      We will use oil until it runs out, then coal/gas since there is a #$%$ ton of it. Maybe electric for transport since their is big money in expensive replaceable batteries and coal power will be what feeds the outlets and since nuclear has such resistance nothing a 100 billion in campaigns can't dent.

      For now solar are hype & momentum stocks with limited long term prospect because their is too much at play with strong players who won't allow it to happen while there their old game is still strong.

      If the green in your wallet is what you care for in long term I think coal though its out of favor now. West is ripe with it and it would be easily accepted as a jobs factory.

      I think..know-- cracking the Earth up making earthquakes and sending us all in deep space is just an example of how the left can be equally extremist morons but the chemicals used in fracking are a factual problem. Lots used and to keep up with demand as a major source of energy would turn any and everywhere it goes into a #$%$ pot.

      When they don't even want to tell you the chemicals they use its not a good sign nor contained in a skull n cross bottle but in the soil,rain and tap water.

      2 kinds of green and they hate each other.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • So where are the seismologists and geologists to point out the risks? Oh that's right, the best and brightest are working for big oil companies...oh well, i guess this will be another one of those disasters that has to happen in 10 or 20 years before it's acknowledged and then the oil companies will only have to pay some monetary compensation to those effected (a drop in the bucket for them) compared to the real permanent damage that will occur to the environment that cannot be measured in dollars. This is why solar companies have to not only survive but grow enough to slow down the destruction of this planet in our generation not the next.
      Just seeing it the way it is.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • I agree. When you start cracking the bedrock that we all stand on, there will be some consequences.

    • Agree

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