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  • gary012003 gary012003 Apr 11, 2013 2:16 PM Flag

    you cannot make any dime by listening to IBD, Cramer:

    You cannot make dime by listening to IBD, Cramer. All those people are simply behind curve.

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    • Well I do not know about you all. I religiouslly listen to Cramer.....THEN I DO THE EXACT OPPOSITE. Actually his big "Picture" monologues are worth the listen....with "Cramer Filter" button pushed! Stock picks... his are but contrary indicators and recomendations

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      • My Dung-Tossing friend: trading is a very personal and high risk/reward game and is always played (for by "each-is-own") basis.... Cannot be done by other peoples biased advice....after all in the hand its ur own hard earned portfolio why waste on someone elses ulterior motives..while u religiously listen to Cramer i use my after market hours reading Finacial Times, IDB, Bloomberg markets and Bloomberg businessweek and after that go for a long walk and spend time with my family... and on weekends go out of town to c my son who is in college this waht i do religously...Happy and profitable trading to u....

    • and its also thanks to Cramer that i went long into FSLR with a fairly large position, and also in DECK i did the same thing andthe (sell sell sell buttons on Cramer's big loosers are today my big winners and continue to grow iam long term in both these stocks and am in no hurry to dispose any of these position,

    • you are correct about Cramer, in my earlier novice days i followed Cramer like a God send guru...joined his street club paid hundreds of dollars for my useless membership they charge u for a full year from the word go(with no refunds) and burnt holes in my pocket....till it fiannly dawned on me to listen to the (Hedge fund paid guru) Cramer and then just do the opposite of what the sermon said...Cramer said Long i would short! Cramer said short and i would long......after that life has been very kind to far as IBD there reaserch is good but u have to identify ur own trading oppertunities betwwen the channel of support and resistance...dont always follow their buy on breakout points as that did back fire on me......and once again thats my two cents...Bottom line is do ur own R&D and be ur own analyst and learn to identify market relationships and sentiments and trade setups ( all this takes time but eventually u will c the light) good luck to u gary2003..

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