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  • breev076 Jun 14, 2013 12:54 AM Flag

    Lets have a realistic conversation about FSLR

    So there's a lot of #$%$ talk on here in both directions. It would be nice to have a rational conversation on the pros and cons of FSLR.
    Personally I used to work in the industry and I think I know FSLR and their management well.
    They're probably the most pragmatic of anyone I met in the renewable energy industry and this is why they started moving to sustainable markets. Personally, I think they reason they did this offering is so they have more cash on hand to purchase PPA's that they can then develop and resell to investors. This is where they make their money. First Solar is considered the best of bread in terms of investment funds buying projects built by them. This is because they have a long history of success and they have a strong balance sheet to warranty what they build. They beat their competitors on building beginning to end projects and having economies of scale with no "middlemen" and loss on margins.

    Personally, I think FSLR is here to stay whether you believe in solar energy or not. I won't venture to guess if in the short term FSLR will go up or down and I can understand why shorts want to short this right now. But I truly believe in the long run (1 year and longer) this company will be extremely successful and I would be surprised if the share price doesnt return to or surpass its past highs. That being said I would be careful if shorting this, you may make a short term profit but this won't go back to 12$ and if you're a long you should get comfortable with the volatility. Energy stocks are always volatile and solar even more so but if you stretch your horizon I think you will do ok.
    Personally I plan to buy some more tomorrow, maybe it will drop after I buy but that's ok since my time horizon is longer than a few days.

    I'd love to here other investors opinions both on why they think this is a short or a long stock :)

    Sentiment: Hold

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