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  • matt_oconnor2000 matt_oconnor2000 Feb 11, 2014 5:48 PM Flag

    screw estimates


    SCTY went from 55 to 80 in 2 weeks with pump n dump BS news. All stocks move up or down based on zionista bear or bull raids. FSLR is ripe for a bear raid. Why? Simple in the old days this stock could move 5 to 10 bucks in hours, now its like a chicken shi% stock, the zionistas know support is soft. .SCTY and CSIQ can jump several dollars in a day. When FSLR breaks out, its barely noticeable, like today, then it looks back and sees the bear raiders in wait, then they toss the gains back in an hour. The zionistas have demonstrated that support is soft, without the backing of heebe street, the shylocks firms can dump this at will, this is no longer a great stock , its boring, just like AAPL and CSCO.

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • Actually, FSLR bounced off the 200 mda at 48, just like it did last Sept when the 200 mda was 37. So, matt, don'T be so sad, FSLR stock chart is still in a solid UPTREND.

    • Honestly, I am just shocked of how badly this stock is treated. Not sure if I should sell and move on or stick around. It has just been too long to wait while this market is roaring to the upside and this stock is moving like a 100 year old man.

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      • Rooftop solar is a high growth market, but it looks like none of the rooftop solar companies are making money. At the moment, how many people do you know that actually has solar panels on their roof, or are thinking about it?

        Even though it's a high growth market, currently it's still not popular enough for them to report a profit.

        Don't forget economics of scale - things are always more efficient, and cheaper, done on a large scale (like the solar power plants). And this is where First Solar dominates the market. They already have a profitable operation, and have a pile of cash.

        Let's not forget the fact that, they want a piece of the rooftop pie. That's why they are starting to manufacture Tetrasun panels this year. As soon as it joins the rooftop solar craze - it will be touted as "the only profitable solar company that also does rooftops". As if they weren't profitable enough already.

        Also, there is currently a bad stigma around First Solar due to the SEC charges, and also, people perceive the power plant projects as an unreliable income. There is less transparency compared with a pure rooftop operation. Because most of the power plant deals are under wraps, until they are ready to announce it.

        But if you just look at First Solar's Balance sheet, their performance history, the rate at which they are lowering costs, and the long term future trend of energy - who would not want to switch from Coal power plant to Solar power plants, if their prices are competitive?

      • i know what you're saying, many feel the same way. we will be rewarded. if you sell, it will be the classic case of switching lines at the grocery store and the line you were at wizzes through right after you move. never fails. wait til we get some good news with more projects and upward guidance, plus the huge tetrasun play this year. these announcements are brewing, just a matter of time and need to be patient. then we'll get double digit percentage gains here and there like these other high flyers, but ours will remain and continue upwards. also, if the market ever corrects, losses will be minimized with companies with strong balance it's a safe bet in any direction, but odds are it will be NORTH.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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