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  • finplan95 finplan95 Jun 18, 2014 1:21 PM Flag

    North Dakota now at 1 mill barrels per day. Another 100% wrong Lefty prediction......

    ND Oil now at 1 million per day. when the Left tried to stop it one of their arguments was their scientists-same guys who say the world was cooling, then warming, now just climate change- ND would never produce more then 100K brrls a day and the total amount was less then 100 million brrls so why "destroy the planet" for that little amount. In the end they could not stop it because it is on private ground. and now the truth is out. 1 million brrls a day and now estimated at 3 BILLION BRRLS OF RESERVES. These same Lefty idiots also told us that the North Slope of Alaska has only 1 billion brrls tops. If they are wrong by the same factor it is game over....we do not need a drop of energy from anybody with the added Nat Gas.
    Now you see why the panic over Climate change and Carbon Tax is so out is getting tougher to hold the lie and soon you will be down to the inner city idiots and that is it.
    Just love sitting here watching uber wealth lefties tell us why they need billions of taxpayer $ to keep their green scam game going(Musk, buffet, Ted turner and that guy in San Fran giving 50 million to any Dem candidate who come out for Carbon Tax.)
    And remember, Obama is in default of a Federal Court which told his EPA he can no longer block new permits in the gulf. Like everything else Obama just decided he knew better....

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    • All the political shell games can do is move back solar a couple of years at worst. The underlying economics of solar are what is going to usher in in a new era of cheaper and cleaner energy. Every year solar gets cheaper and cheaper. Solar is where flat screen televisions were 10 years ago in regards to price and quality. When cell phones first came out, they were huge and cost thousands of dollars, now everyone has one. Everyone is going to have solar panels on their roofs because they will be so cheap. The Koch brothers can't stop it, Exxon can't stop it and the Republican Party can't stop it. The end result will be that Americans will have must cheaper electric bills and much lower transportations costs. The losers will be the fossil fuel instrustry and the winners will be the solar industry and the American consumer.

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      • Love those comments.....cheaper electric bills? Solar is 100% a govt run business. Period. Even Warren buffet gets DOE loan guarantees to build his plants...why? Because private money will not even lend him anything unless the taxpayer is on the hook. Mr. Musk's entire business model is built on tax credits and govt loans. And the US solar manufactures need govt to block any competition from overseas and add trillions of costs to fossil fuels to survive. The solar panels you are buying today will be made obsolete by cheap Nat Gas and eventually by real Solar. what is real solar? Well, that would be when the govt gets out of the business, the Progressive dominated bottom feeders dry up and the private market invests in THEIR future and solves the problem when the MARKET demands it. ALL solar demand is created by government right now....all of it.

        it will end the way, nat Gas is down in price 50% over the last 7 years......what would happen if our government actually let it happen?

    • pepperoniandmushrooms2003 pepperoniandmushrooms2003 Jun 23, 2014 12:03 PM Flag

      I spent a year directional drilling in the Balken, the Eagle Ford and the Permian basins.
      It is such a huge mess out there. roads that are falling apart from too much heavy traffic. not enough over sight, not enough talent to build roads or drill for oil period.

      The toxicity is enormous, the smells are over whelming. All day long flares burning off un used nat gas spew a toxic fume for miles. Until those pipe lines get built to actually contain the nat gas. They burn it off on certain wells where they believe little nat gas exist. burning it off is common as nat gas kicks back during drilling before you TD the well.

      The water tables are being destroyed, shattered by fracking. nat gas is seeping into the rivers and streams where you can light it on fire with a single match. Earth quakes are being recorded in areas where none existed before.

      Pure drinking water is being contaminated. NO BODY can control the amount of fracture in a formation. If fracking creates the right fracture that reachs a natural seam in a nearby formation, then nat gas and chemicals can seep any where, for miles away

      Midland Texas is so filthy, with so much money and this truck traffic that burns as much fuel as they produce. Its literally insane the amount of fuel being burned by all the truck traffic shipping Salt Water to all rigs sites, moving equipment, Fracking, cementing, Pipe. ETC...ETC....

      Yes, in fact its the wild wild west and as long as everybody is getting rich, and great jobs are provided and there is a huge shortage of talent. this will keep going and going and going !

      while good pure water gets destroyed, good farm land gets destroyed. the costs of housing sky rocket, its cheaper to live in California then North Dakota because of the lack of housing.

      Sure, its a huge boom, but that boom is causing such a huge strain on resources, its like we are a pack of termites eating out own home until nothing is left. Why just to buy a bigger newer truck? just to buy a bigger home ?

    • Don't even start that political stuff on this board ! Fracking Technology changed the oil dynamics in this country, not politics. The cost to bring this oil to the surface is expensive compared to the good old days. The trend is still more expensive oil and Nat gas and only bolsters solar power in the long run. Short term, cheap nat Gas helps make cheap solar cells so still a win/win situation.

    • They were wrong that is for sure.
      And so much Nat Gas is being flamed instead of used. Obama and the EPA are making a big mess, what a waste.

    • Is this a political forum or a stock market???
      You are two steps away from busting out your science fair ribbons showing me how you disproved Climate Change but even then, is this a stock market or a science fair?

    • If you dont believe in climate change I immediately dismiss any thought you may have

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      • You are all about the money and so am I but i hope you realize, if you want to actually tackle Climate Change, you will have to find a way to liquidate people like Finplan. There are probably 30-80 million Americans who see the world from a radically different perspective than you. You can hope they will change their mind but you are smarter than that. Finplan is just a guppy and he is being manipulated by more powerful people. Its those people who will have to go. If not? Well...

    • FU you piece of crap.

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    • They're g-damned fascist pigs to their very core. That's why. They want ultimate power and control over everyone and everything. Ask a stuck on stupid LIBeral why they sai9d it was global cooling, then global warming before settling on the all-inclusive "climate change". because NONE of their predictions or models is ever right. So they just change the game....move the goal posts...spew new LIES and false projections. Anyone who buys into "man-made, cataclysmic climate change" is an absolute IMBECILE. Thanks for that post. Well said. Dummies, Dopes and Democrats need not read because the assimilation of factual information is not your strong point.

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