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  • b_zerkley b_zerkley Aug 10, 2004 12:19 PM Flag

    Call out in May...

    at 25 and was pissed. Guess I'm not so pissed anymore. If it gets back to my original purchase price of $13...I'll try the water again. This things a trading stock...not a buy and hold...that's for sure.

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    • their was no miss. problem had to do with how they said it. they earned 37cents before charges. 100s of comps report this way and then the news says "beat by 4 cents" blah blah, instead its "reports a miss" blah blah.

      Andrx is totally fine, and trading solely on emotion. stock is 35 by next year, and can earn over 1.50 easy in 2005, the fundementals are unchanged. how many remember when it hit 9 in 2003. the stock is being dumped for no reason other than insitution pyscho bs they have no debt, lots of cash, over a billion in revenue, earnings, pending applications, their is no reason to sell now unless you like to trade alot. do you think generics WONT be part of lowering healthcare costs? this is a great buy today if you can look out 12-18 months instead of 2 feet.

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      • You are almost right. However, the problem for the street was the revenue. In was light.
        As somebody before mentioned, margins were cut as well.

        So they sell now than before. Is it a sign of strengh? I believe that it is temporary and better numbers will arrive in the future. Unfortunately, not everybody is buying it and they vote by selling the stock.

        Yes, the company is very good, and if you do not need the money now, it is batter to wait since the next trade may be even worse than this one.