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  • physamg physamg Feb 19, 2004 7:21 PM Flag

    The undeniable facts

    The undeniable facts of the long SC groc workers strike is that the vast majority of these strikers jobs could be performed by less skilled and lower paid part time employes.Iknow because i used to be one ,and worked my way thru college working for a major supermarket chain.the union employes on strike must except the reality of their situation and be willing to do their job for less or move on to something better.

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    • I believe we agree.But there are lots of reasons people do not step forward,When they should in this country.As far as bragging,the guy who spoke to the police officer,and said"What happened did someone steal air"I believe was somehow involved to prove your point.
      The term MF refers to doing YOUR mother,an act of incest,which with some have or had strong bonds with their mothers,does not set well.
      The guard I believe started this by harrasment.Picky little things just to show his authority,I did laugh, not because of the air out of his tires, but because I think it is funny anytime a person who steps over his bounds and gets bit on the butt.One guy went home and got his air tank and got the car to the gas station and after that the guard was a lot nicer and all went well.
      Sorry myself to ramble on.If someone pulled a knife on me and I could I would probably hit them with a bat if I could(self-defense) which I'M sure we agree on.It's a beatiful day her I've got to go.Have a wonderful weekend

    • You are welcome.I believe that nobody should be faulted for having a different opinion than I do. And I don't believe that I am always right. I hope now that the end is so close, we can stop the name calling, character assination and get back to the re-building of our customer base in Calif.And get back to work.

    • You are right, it would be nice to know all of the facts. However, we may never know all of them due to the particpants refusal to talk to the police. Others, I do believe, know the facts. I sa;y this due to people being people. Some of us (people, in the plural) will brag about what we have done. Some of us will feel remorse for what we have done. Both types, however will feel it necessary to talk to someone. So, I feel pretty confident that there are some outthere who do know the whole story.

      I do agree with you that restraint should be shown by both sides, and verbally harassment serves no purpose other than get a negative reaction. I do not feel that the reaction to a verbal assult should be a physical response. It is not necessary.

      You used the term MF in your example. Well those two words are just that, words. Put together to draw a response. Think about them, if you are a parent, and you have 2 children, doesn't that make you one? And what is bad about that? Should a person be ashamed because they have had sex with thier wife after they had a child? I have never understood that insult.

      As far as your strike group letting the air out of the guards tires, I can see both sides. That was an act against him, but it caused him no physical harm and at most inconvienced him. What would the response have been if he had retaliated and let the air out of the tires of a striker? Especially one who hadn't been involved in letting the air out of his tires? And would his reaction have been justified? I kind of think so, and that is why it shouldn't happen. Air leads to keying, leads to windows being broken out...and those are wrong.

      The point I was trying to make to John, was that a good person should condemn things that are wrong. No matter who or why the acts were done. Beating someone with a baseball bat is wrong, it doesn't matter who did it or why. Shooting your wife is wrong, no matter who did it or why.

      Sorry I rambled so long. Good luck to you now that the strike appears to be about over.

    • To condemn or not or to judge or not.It would be nice to know all the facts first.Sometimes people cross the picket line and say very negative things.I'm not saying this justifies violence but antagonizing the situations do not serve any purpose all the way around.I know people that if you called them a MF they would probably be on your ass very quickly and heavy.So the restraint needs to be on both sides.I've been on the picket line 3 times and have mostly seen customers when asked nicely not to patronize the store have had some smartass remark.The only violence I saw, If you can call it that, was when a security guard kept harassing us about stupid things someone let the air out of his tires on his car.He called the police.The police came and questioned several people.The guard was such a jerk the policeman shook his head and left

    • I make my own luck.

    • Good luck to you John. I suspect that you will need it.

    • I see you have been eating from the same trough that your buddy has. Stupid food..

      "But I suppose if some wacko busted your skull with a baseball bat, you wouldn't care if someone turned that person's name over to the police or not? Oh, I forgot, you would run him over with your MH. Unless he killed you, or stole your MH. How silly of me."

      As I said before, and you apparently had your head buried in the trough, I'll take care of myself. I am not responsible for others actions, be they union or not. To lump ALL people together as THUGS even if they are not working or living in that area is what a whacko asshole like him, or you for that matter would do.

      As far as the bat goes, I'd invite ANYONE to try using a bat on me unless of course they like eating wood. I have always said and always will, You don't win the fight unless I am dead.. Pretty simple and I mean that..!!

      So now you can go eat your stupid food right next to your pal. You make just about as much sense and for a moment I thought you were smarter than that.. I was wrong. Your just as big a jerk as some of the rest in here..

    • ".. WHY should I condemn the actions of a union member, any more then a cop saying he was sorry because some berserk Police chief shot his wife.?"

      John, you should condem it because it is WRONG. It makes no difference if it is a police chief or a union member. The actions are wrong and should be condemned for that reason alone.

      But I suppose if some wacko busted your skull with a baseball bat, you wouldn't care if someone turned that person's name over to the police or not? Oh, I forgot, you would run him over with your MH. Unless he killed you, or stole your MH. How silly of me.

    • OK i have read the rants a raves of both sides.
      it seems that a contract will be ratified soon..
      what i would like is a report back to this list
      on what concessions both sides made to make this
      contract a ratified one....

      its not yet public knowlege and we the workers
      and stock holders, the radicals, the complacent,
      the management, and union members from other areas yet to ratify a contract wish to know the

      we all wish to know the facts please...

      so please when you go vote bring back the details ....

      the big 3 have lost much and we will pay for
      it not just the workers who have fought the battle but all of us!!

      lets bring the bashing to an end we could go on and on and on with this war of words ....

      and yes a strike is a war .....

      but peace has arrived lets get back to building
      our business ....

      i can't wait till KR reaches 30 dollars <g>!

      how but the rest of you?

      Thank god its over!

      Charlesky or Charlie in Tn

    • Funny you should mention that. I just called them two days ago when a guy went around me on the freeway just out side of Cleveland at about 100.. Guess what, about 20 miles down the road he was setting between TWO state police cars.. Amazing isn't it how then Cell phones work..

      Got another one for you. Back home I was setting in a parking lot getting ready to go in a store when I saw a guy running down the street with what looked like a gun.. Called the police and come to find out, he just held up a convenience store..

      Like I said, "There are several on the market. Best one is a cell phone"....

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