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  • jose193520022002 jose193520022002 Jun 17, 2004 12:05 PM Flag

    Two tier and three tier is here to come

    The only way to save your medical insurance is to have two tier and three tier so that the old timers can save the medical insurance, that is what happen in the Mid-west Detroit area.

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    • Jose tha tis the answer for the companies that have the time to make them payoff. That answer is the long term solution and it would work. The days of employees working in the grocery indusrty for 25 and 35 years and retiring are a thing of the past. This has held true the past 3 or 4 years. Turnover has become a huge problem for employers in all industries. What you are more likely to get today are short term employees until something better comes along. The need it to take care of present employees with 7 years or more.

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      • Greek, I believe you and the rest are correct. I worry about not having trained people. Here we just lost three employees and can not replace them with anyone of any caliber. Insurance is what put Krogers above the rest and even then you had to wait. If you offer only what walmart does then you will be competing with walmart not only for customers but also employees. I see this being a large problem here in about 5-10 years. Do you think they have a plan to address this in the future or are they just looking at now?

      • Greek, you are right, most people will not have the long time with any company, I belive the 876 Local in the Detroit area was promise 500 new full time jobs, which will be good for anyone who has about 5 years with the retail stores, but even then it will take another 5 years to get to the top of the wages and who can wait that long!! The big issue is to try get other non-unions, like Wal-mart to pay higher wages, which will take for ever because most of there employees are part time, about two-thirds, and they are having problems, keeping employees, turn over is greater in Wal-mart than other retail stores, what you pay is what you get. Some days the future will change but for now Wal-mart is calling the shots. This next generation will never have the retirement of the past 40 years, pension will be down. Two jobs will be the future, unless the people get tired of working the two jobs and join the union like they did in the thirtys or like they did in the fiftys, oh,well only God know the future!!

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