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  • browndk26 browndk26 Aug 23, 2004 8:05 PM Flag

    Front End Gal

    Is there supposed to be a certain ratio of baggers to checkers?

    I was in a store Saturday and used a regular lane because of the number of items I had. There was one bagger for every three checkers and I ended up bagging my own groceries anyway.

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    • "...the new wal-mart is hurt us the new sale for the week is helping some they going to cut more hours to make more proft."

      It is impossible to cut hours and make money. As you cut hours, more customers find somewhere else to shop, sales go down, and the cycle starts over again. The only real savings is to cut all Directors and VP's perks until the stock PPS returns to positive territory. Better yet, fire them and replace them with someone that can take charge!

    • I work in Arizona

    • thank you for the infornation our store as of today cut more hour the new wal-mart is hurt us the new sale for the week is helping some they going to cut more hours to make more proft.

    • Our stock clerks aren't having their hours cut. It is our front end and baggers. Same division as you.

    • I work for louisville division stock clerks are get there hours cut back we can not get stock up and sales are down.

    • Which division or should I say which chain do you work for? Our contract says that checkers who were promoted from baggers can claim bagger hours when there is a cut-back of hours. I have not known any checker to do this because they can claim the lower checkers hours.

    • The only hours claimable are left over hours not selected by clerks in that category. In other words, if all of the cashiers have claimed the hours they want, then anyone who knows how to run a cash register can claim the hours left over. The same goes for bakery & deli, they have their own home class, but if there are hours left to be filled, then the other dept. employees can claim them.

    • I've been around since before the union came in, and nobody uses the grandfathering terms as far as claiming hours, we have our seniority, and our classifications, and there is no cross-over between baggers and cashiers.

      Our contract requires X amount of bagger hours for every X amount of cashier hours. As far as baggers go, they are usually teenagers, and are a dime a dozen, the good ones get promoted, and the bad ones get fired or quit.

    • Hours are not cut to add anybody, least of all baggers. Their hours were cut the worst because they say the checkers can do their own bagging. They left us with one on utilities(Cleaning) and one to clear the lot. Those come in at 7:00 AM. Our next on will be anywhere from 9 to 11. It seems the more the customers complain, the more they cut.

    • It's called grandfathering. If you are around long enough, you can claim bagger hours if you are a clerk.

      "Sounds like your contract sucks." - I guess that depends on your point of view. It doesn't suck if your hours are being cut so they can add baggers. It does suck if you are the bagger.

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