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  • jose193520022002 jose193520022002 Dec 9, 2004 10:52 PM Flag

    Kroger needs to cut fat in Cinn. office

    The time to cut is in the front office, they have a lot of V.P that do not know what is going on, just promoted them up the ladder and they need more service and lower prices to compete in market, it seems more and more changes,Target,Wal-mart and Costco, and Mejers know how to run the market, but when it comes to food and meat and produce markets, Kroger should be in the front and fresh produce andf good meat will bring back coustomers, service fast and fair prices and clean stores, and more and better meat service, will bring them back. Too many V.P. who do not know the business, or spend time in the stores, no pony and show good vist with good mamagement will increas sales.

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    • It was a joke, with your limited grasp of the English language, you wouldn't get it.

    • WinnLady:

      Is it too late? Can Peter Lynch pull Winn-Dixie away's from death's grip?

    • Is that barley or wheat or for a moran you spell ok!!!!!

    • What do you expect, jose can barley speak English. He's not stupid, he's VERY stupid.

    • Man. You make some stupid comments on your posts. You agree with Greek on the issue of triming fat. Then you mention that DD is part of the fat. DD is the CEO of the company. He may not be performing the way you would like. But his position isn't fat. How many multibillion dollar companies are you aware of that don't have a CEO?

    • As usually you are right Greek the fat always start at the top and runs down hill, but they are using lard and lard dose not roll too well.The problem was J.P. and now we have a repeat with D.D and skeeter dose not se this because he is too close to grease,crisco,lard or callit what it is FAT,FAT.

    • Greek, you are right the customer who you could get to buy .25 cents more in each Dept. sales thru out the store in all Dept., you are right, I can tell you were in the Retail business but skeeter, I have doubt, and D.D. never learn the basics in sales,you Greek and most people in the business understood what i was talking about,the same way in Deli you always got another few cents just over a pound or half pound, I see you know how to run a store, these things you learn when you are in the business and profit always come.

    • fair enough..

      We will see...

      I think 6 months is a little tight though.

    • I don't talk about him so much as about his leadership and where he is like JP. As far a s him learning the trade one poster prior i be;lieve said Dillions OK well does that make him a brain surgeon. Really I beleive he will prove just what I'm positng in the next 6 months as to being out of the same mold as JP. This company cannot stand another 6 ot 7 years of flat share prices. They are running out of excuses strikes, Walmarts, one time charges, and employees costs. Let go to the old saying "when the going gets tough the tough gets going" Does he have what it takes or not we will soon find out. There is one thing that would make him start in the right direction and that is to cut jobs right at the top and fire people who are not carrying there part of the load. Oh that's two things I guess. If a store manager would have produced the same results as leadeship has in this company they would not be a store manager with KR they would have been gone after a short time. Yes I own stock. Yes I want it to increase. Yes I want excess baggage removed from the company. Yes I want to see KR be sucessful. Yes I want the share price to increase and Yes if it does not I want the people in charge to be held accountable. Not asking anymore than what the company ask of me when I was working. Just do the job you are paid for and do it at an acceptable level.

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